How automated communications can enhance customer service

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The rise of machine learning and automation has completely revolutionised customer services. Before, organisations needed actual people to communicate with customers and stakeholders. Everything was put on paper or traditional media channels, and the efficacy of these public relations activities was rather difficult to track. Today, automation and programmable chatbots are taking the place of switchboard operators and call centre personnel. This article takes a look at why automated communications are able to enhance customer service.

Answers people when you’re not there

Automated chatbots are programmes integrated with websites and social media platforms, and allow browsers to make contact with the brand immediately. You’ve probably seen them yourself when browsing certain websites. A window pops up in the bottom-right of the screen, and there’s usually a question pre-typed asking if the browser would like assistance. Chatbots can be coded to actually respond to browsers’ typed-in queries by identifying keywords or phrases – then serve them answers that could solve their query. In other words, automation can facilitate automated conversations with potential customers – without you having to be present!

Reduce resolution time with screening

As mentioned above, automated chatbots can be set up to respond to website browsers’ questions or statements based on the words they type. This is essentially a screening process, and chatbots can handle the preliminary questions that customers might have, but that would otherwise have to be answered by someone representing the organisation (via email, telephone call, or instant messaging). This old way of responding to client queries would take at least a few hours, where automated communicative tools can screen potential clients long before you have to interact with them.

Can even direct them to solutions immediately

If you think that holding conversations with internet users is impressive, you’ll love this feature! Automated chatbots can be set up to respond to queries, but the last thing you want to do to someone who is not qualified as a lead is to tell them you can’t help. For this reason, chatbots can redirect people to third-party content that might be able to solve their problems. If the lead is qualified through the screening process, the chatbot can then direct the lead to a page on the brand’s website where they can find more information – or convert. This can also include automatic phonecall facilitation, as well as sending auto-filled emails to brand representatives with the click of a button.

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