Why Do You Need To Diversify Your Marketing Strategy?

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Marketing is changing everything. Your target audience might be flocking to a particular platform right now, however what if their preferences, website’s algorithms or market forces shift? It doesn’t matter how phenomenal your offerings are, they won’t create revenue if prospective customers aren’t able to find your offerings. While you should always be strategic – as well as focus on those channels that maximise ROI – having multiple marketing streams can help your business stay nimble enough to survive any sudden changes that might come its way.

Below, we share a number of compelling benefits of using a variety of marketing channels.

A Diversified Marketing Strategy Helps You Address Your Target Customers’ Needs At Each Stage Of Their Customer Journey

Every business needs to know that there is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy. What works for one brand might not work for another. What’s key is to tailor-make your marketing strategy in a way which doesn’t just give you visibility across a number of different channels. It also matches your customers’ buying journey.

A great place to begin is knowing who your target audience is, what their needs and frustrations are, as well as how you are able to address those needs. Describe your customer persona, not just demographically but emotionally as well – what are their ambitions, inspirations and feelings looking for a product such as yours?

Try walking hand-in-hand with your customers during their journey through diversifying your messaging and value offerings. For example, if a customer is still at the Awareness stage, talk more about possible solutions as opposed to selling them a product. If they are already wanting to buy, give them glowing testimonials from your existing users rather than of explaining solutions to a problem.

A golden rule of thumb is to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and then internalise what they go through looking at your product.

Your Efforts Can Have A Greater Reach

In this age of the Internet of Things (IoT), you are able to reach every customer in every single corner of the world. Through sharing valuable content via social media, podcasts, blogs and online communities, you are able to gain trust with people and also generate interest in you, your brand and your products and services.

A Diversified Marketing Strategy Helps You Generate More Traffic And Improve SEO

Your website’s traffic comes from various sources. This traffic can come from socials, ads from Facebook or Google, even organic or direct (individuals typing up your URL rather than clicking it from somewhere else).

Diversifying your traffic sources gives you the opportunity to get more customers to convert from your website. When we say “convert,” we mean performing an action that you would like your users to take. For example, a conversion can be in a form being filled in, an email/newsletter subscription, or an e-Commerce transaction/purchase.

When you have strong visibility on multiple marketing channels, you are more likely to generate more traffic from converting users. Furthermore, you get to perform link-building, which is a big part of SEO.

Successful SEO ensures that when your customers are able to search for keywords that are relevant to your products, your website will be seen at the top search results. Link building is all about having external platforms or websites link to yours or makes use of any of your pages’ URLs.

According to Google, the more you that get external websites which link to your site pages, the higher your authority turn out to be – at least in the eyes of Google. Thus, Google will treat your website as highly relevant – as well as credible – so you’re very likely to rise to the top of search results.

The less you concentrate on one channel, and the more you tap into different channels such as discussion forums, news, and media sites, the higher you will find your company in search results. And more importantly, the more your customers can find you.

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