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If you have been active on LinkedIn for some time now, you may keep in mind that in the early days of LinkedIn was mainly used as an online CV. However, over the years, LinkedIn has not only become a way to get hired or find talent but also to build a professional network as well as a personal brand.

In addition, LinkedIn is also the place to establish relationships with customers, showcase your expertise and knowledge, close more deals, and then grow your company’s employer brand. The growth has been fascinating to watch. The social platform now has over 740 million members in a lot more than 200 countries.

Long gone are the days of merely setting up a generic profile. Today, you really need to be more strategic and also think about how you would like people to recognise you on the social network.  Let’s take a look at how to get an exceptional first impression by optimising your personal LinkedIn profile.

What Is An Optimised LinkedIn Profile?

An optimised LinkedIn profile is one where every part of your personal profile is filled out and demonstrates to audiences what you do, who you are as well as what you are an expert in. This assists your profile to rank higher in LinkedIn searches and establishes trust among those who may want to connect or follow you.

Why You Should Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

  • You will get more search appearances therefore be more visible by potential customers/ clients.
  • You get more contact requests.
  • It will be exponentially more likely that you will be found by recruiters who can offer you a great job opportunity.
  • It’s good for your personal brand to be visible.
  • People will see you as an expert because your profile is professional looking and relevant.
  • Ultimately for salespeople and experts: You get more clients

Choose The Correct Profile Picture For LinkedIn

Your profile image is your calling card on LinkedIn – it’s how individuals are introduced to you as well as (visual beings that we are) it governs their impressions from the beginning. There are some great posts that explain how to pick the correct profile picture on LinkedIn.

However, here are some fast tips to begin with:

  • Make sure the picture was and looks like you,
  • Make up your face takes up approximately 60% of it (long-distance shots don’t stand out),
  • Wear what you would frequently wear to work, in addition
  • Smile with your eyes.

Utilise The Background Photo

While your profile picture is more centred on you, there is also the background image on your profile which you should utilise, as well. This can be associated to your work or passions, however, also can be more creative about the company which you work at currently. This might also be referenced as the banner image or wallpaper for your profile. Make sure that the image is 1584 px wide by 396 high px (4:1 proportion) for best quality.

Make Sure Your Headline Is More Than Just A Job Title

There’s no rule which says the description at the top of your profile page needs to be just a job title. Make use of the headline field to say a bit more about how you see your role, why you do what you do as well as what makes you tick. If you have sales reps at your company who are on the ball with social selling, then make sure that you have a quick look at their profile page headlines for inspiration. They will almost particularly have more than their job titles in there.

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