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Email marketing is the one most effective marketing channel out there. Doing it well is not as easy as it looks however very worth the effort. Studies constantly show that emailing a subscriber base frequently translates into revenue over time.

Email is a multifaceted aspect of marketing. The landscape is changing always – just like the people. In order for you to run profitable email marketing campaigns, you need to remain current with the email marketing best practices of all time.

A good mailing list can be a money-maker, however for online and in-store sales. But it’s more than just gathering a large list of email addresses and then hammering their inbox with offers. Your emails are an immediate connection between your brand and the customer, quite plainly to the palm of their hand. Constant demands to spend will not ingratiate you with them, however well-built emails will grow loyalty as well as revenue.

Drive More Clicks To Your Website With Clear & Targeted Calls to Action

The entire point of your email messages is to push traffic to your landing page.  It’s actually just that simple. If you’re not driving clicks to your website, your email subscribers can’t be converted into customers.

The main thing about driving traffic to your website is quite simple: have one primary call to action (CTA) in the email message. Having a number of different CTAs will only distract the reader and make them puzzled. When they’re perplexed, they will leave your email or – even worse – delete it.

What you want to do is to guide your reader to take a particular call to action. Tease them regarding the advantages they will get by visiting website. For the best user experience, the email, call to action and landing page need to be consistent.

Although you’re making use of one primary CTA, don’t be afraid to incorporate it in multiple locations. You are able to place them early in the email above the fold, in the middle, towards the end, and then remind them again in the P.S.

Get Personal

Personalisation is one of the most significant elements you need to strive to nail in every email campaign. However, many individuals have misunderstood personalisation to mean addressing a subscriber by name. While that is part of it, there’s far more to personalisation such as:

  • Being relevant
  • Sending timely emails, and
  • Anticipating your subscriber’s needs.

In order to win at sending personalised email campaigns, you need to have a strategy for collecting relevant data from your customers.

Quality Over Quantity

It’s a phrase which is wheeled out all too frequently, however it is vital here and is applicable to both your mailing list as well as the emails you send. Having a massive database of contacts is all well and good however it’s not meaningful if only 10% are opening your newsletters.

That’s not to say that collecting more email addresses isn’t crucial, however keep those new contacts engaged through delivering high-quality content in each of the emails. Set aside the time to put together a multi-feature email which ties into your broader strategy as well as business calendar. If you’re digging around for something to put out that evening, you’re better off leaving it for some other time.

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