Is Email Marketing Effective?

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The main thing to running a successful business is enticing customers as well as clients to do business with you. So whether you’re just scrambling to lure customers back during a global pandemic or growing your markets during ‘normal’ business times, the question is: How do you do that? What are the absolute very best ways to get customers to come to your store, website, restaurant or office?

We all know that the answer: it’s marketing. However, marketing is not a straightforward process. There are various practices, tactics as well as strategies which are part of an overall marketing plan. These are evolving constantly. It can make putting together a marketing plan for your small business quite overwhelming.

In order to help simplify the process, there is one marketing method which has maintained its claim to fame. Email marketing still promises to offer the highest ROI of all marketing channels.

Email Marketing Strategies Available

Through email marketing you can choose various communication strategies. These are the following:

  • Commercial: These email marketing strategies are considered to be the most traditional. They are intended to increase impulsive behaviour when broadcasting promotions or a new product.
  • Loyalty: In order to retain customers, this kind of campaign has the aim of promoting their relationship with the brand or company. The aim is to generate more sales.
  • Informational: These types of email campaigns are intended mainly to inform clients, for instance about future events or to get feedback on a specific service or product.
  • Location: This is a strategy utilised in order to inform individuals about the location of the physical store, so that they can go into it and become customers.

These strategies associated with relevant content are able to achieve good results for companies. Unlike what happens in social media, in email marketing there is a base of subscribers who are already interested in the subjects that are sent by companies. They can choose whether or not to open as well as read the emails.

How To Measure The Success Of Email Marketing

For many individuals, the success of an email marketing campaign can come in different forms. There’s the matter of open rates, engagement as well as lead generation. However, before we are able to track these metrics as they relate to email, we will have a look at several of the more basic statistics.

For email marketing to be very successful, it has to be utilised prominently. In this regard, email is in no danger of falling out of favour. In 2019, there were over 3 billion email users and the number keeps on growing. That’s a massive demographic for marketers to achieve.

However, just because a lot of people utilise email doesn’t certainly prove it is still working, at least not on its own. In order to examine the impact of email marketing, needs to consider how impactful it is to the businesses which use it. Perhaps more importantly, how many marketers consider it their best global tool? If email marketing is falling out of favour, you could assume it would be falling out in order to make room for other marketing tactics. However, studies have shown this isn’t the case.

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