How To Stay Ahead In Digital Marketing

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How do you find out how to optimise header bidding better than anyone else, prior to anyone else? Or find the most effective method of A/B testing ad units – as well as ad networks – so you are able to reduce the cost per conversion month after month?

Everyone needs to be asking questions such as these in today’s digital marketing ecosystem, however the answers can’t be found anywhere. In order to stay ahead in the digital marketing industry, you need access to the very best resources in order to cultivate a sterling attitude and align with the correct allies.

Be Curious

Research demonstrates that not only are we better at learning the things we are interested in, however we’re also actually more receptive to new information, regardless of the subject, when we’re working on something which inspires our curiosity. Endeavour to find those specific parts of digital marketing projects which pique your interest and compel you to dig deeper.

With practice, we are able to cultivate curiosity as a habit. Asking follow-up questions – and then trying to think about problems from a number of different angles – even when these do not seem absolutely necessary for the task at hand.

Join a LinkedIn Group

For a director who’s looking to get into a C-level position, LinkedIn is one of the best places to make connections. Almost one quarter of all JSE-listed C-level execs have a profile there, and joining a group is one of the quickest ways to handpick virtual mentors as well as role models in your industry.

Track Digital Marketing Trends

Trends are a digital marketing professional’s best friend. These days, it’s very important to be an early adopter as well as  leverage trends before anyone else. Whether it’s six-second and mid-roll video adverts, auto-roll in view as well as other disruptive and interruptive visual content, cognitive marketing in addition to cross-channel media platforms. Alternatively, you can switch things up internally in order to prepare for an even more tech-inclusive environment, remaining ahead of the curve means innovating as well as adapting quickly to emerging trends and tracking them first.


Good artists copy while great artists steal — or so the popular saying goes. When we see something which works, whether it’s a spectacular digital marketing campaign or an inventive workflow, replication alone will yield a couple of results. Each project is unique, and the specific tool or technique which made one great may not be the correct approach for another.

Go To A Digital Marketing Conference

There’s a digital marketing conference for nearly about every skill and niche. This means that you need to select the one that feeds your creativity as well as goals.

When we come across a winning presentation or campaign, we need to ask what challenge was solved or what challenge was conquered. By bringing this inquisitiveness to bear on effective solutions, we are better able to understand which pieces are relevant to our own work.

Read And Learn About Digital Marketing Every Single Day

Part of tracking trends involves a constant dedication to learning. Reading and education can get you there. You could plan to attend a wide range of conferences this year, keep abridge of what’s taking place in the academic field, read the trade press or a mixture of all of these. Whatever your learning strategy, the pace of the digital marketing industry means that daily learning is now essential.

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