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The term ‘marketing communications’ refers to the means which are adopted by companies in order to convey messages regarding the products as well as the brands they sell. This is either directly or indirectly to the customers with the intention to persuade them to make a purchase.

There are a number of vehicles which are used to communicate a marketing message. These are:

  • Print
  • Radio
  • Television (TV)
  • Cinema

In this article, we’ll discuss the methods and techniques that you can employ to design marketing communications in each of these four categories.


Owing to the success and advantages of advertisements, many manufacturers are concentrating more on how the products can be promoted creatively. One of the main methods to serve this purpose is print media. Newspapers, magazines, billboards as well as many other formats of publications fall under this category. There are some common advertising techniques used in print media.

Print advertising can be observed in the product ads that are printed in newspapers, magazines or on flyers,. The products in these ads are presented in a way that it attracts the attention of the readers. Here are some of the effective techniques that are used in putting together effective print advertising:

Catchy Words and Slogans

This is the most common technique used in not only the print media but also in TV commercials. You need to use words that will make the reader want to continue reading what is in the advertisement. You even do have a choice of using a unique slogan for your brand.

Celebrities and Famous Personalities

If you do have a substantial budget for advertising, you can ask a famous celebrity to promote your product. Fans and admirers of the celebrity you have used in the print ad may want to buy the product just because their favourite celebrity is using it. This is one of the most effective ways to publicise the products and services and increase their sales.

Readable Advertisements

It is also very important to pay attention to minor things such as the font type, size and the language. Make sure that the ad is readable enough for the people to understand. Do not use fancy fonts, which would make the reader find it difficult to read. Also, use common words that will pass on the idea clearly.


If you want to increase sales, it is suggested that you include testimonials from people who have already used the product and are sharing their experiences. Testimonials certainly make the readers have a good impression of the product being reliable, which may contribute to sales.

Include an Offer

It is a proven fact that individuals are more attracted to those ads that include any kind of offer and discount. If you want to attain the same result, you can make an offer that the readers will not be able to resist.

Mention your Contact Details

In a print advertisement, you need to add up all the details about your company and contact information. This will portray your brand as trustworthy. It will also encourage readers to inquire more about your products.

Talk about the Product Benefits

Many companies include too much information about the features of the product. This generally results in low sales. Instead, the company should focus more on the benefits that the product is related to. This will create a need in the readers and give a good impression of the product.

Consider Direct Communication

If you are including a picture of a person in the ad, it is better to make him or her look as if they are looking directly into the eyes of the reader. In addition, using direct communicative words such as ‘You’ is one of the most effective techniques.

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