How To Create A Brand Which Connects With People

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Today, people today want to feel a connection to the brands which they buy from. Perhaps not every single purchase. However, the ones they become loyal to, engage with as well as share with other people. These are the ones that they feel connected with. The brands that they love, rave about, buy from frequently, engage with their social media and share with friends and family they feel could also benefit or would love what they are offering.

In addition, it is just human nature which we want to feel a deeper connection with others. We want to feel heard and seen. We want to have the feeling which we are understood as well as cared for. This means that when we find a brand that gets us, talks to us on our level and utilises our everyday language and makes us feel seen as well as heard. We are attracted to it. We feel far more connected.

There are a lot of ways to establish that connection in your own brand. Plus showing your face, how you speak, your copy, and your products. In addition, you can build this connection in clever ways using visuals. Both in your brand identity as well as the graphics that you put out. Design communicates a message and using psychology. This means that we can use design in order to communicate to our audience in a way which makes them feel more connected. It helps you build loyal fans.

Use The Power Of Social Media

Social media is a very powerful thing indeed. The influence of social media is astonishing, particularly Instagram. Thanks to the era of Instagram influencers, consumers are now looking to social media for product research and purchases far more than ever before. In fact, one study found that individuals are four times more likely to buy a product if influenced by social media.

And 91% of people believe social media has the power to connect people, and it does. It’s so easy to create a social media post, particularly on Instagram and Twitter, where hashtags drive a social media post to reach more people as well as market your brand. If not to market your brand, connect with people.

A total of 64% of people want brands to connect with them via social media. In addition, you can easily do it by liking posts, sending direct messages and sharing your own content. Social media is one of the simplest platforms to navigate. Posting daily information alone can have a massive impact on how you connect with people.

Remove Barriers To Action.

Make it simpler for individuals to do what you want them to do. Show them how your simple processes make follow-through easy, so they can connect to your end goal – your mission – without struggling along the way.

Fundraising website GiveHope, for instance, doesn’t charge platform fees like many other fundraising sites. GiveHope’s business model relies exclusively on optional donor tips to generate revenue from its campaigns, ensuring fundraiser dollars stretch as far as possible. This authentically helpful process brings every user closer to the brand’s mission “to empower positive change to people’s lives.”

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