How do you differentiate your brand?

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In a market that is flooded with endless marketing campaigns, you can’t afford to blend in. It is vital for you to stand out and differentiate your brand. As Dr Seuss says, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out!”

The WPP and Millward Brown 2015 “BrandZ Top 100, Global Brands Report states that differentiation is the most important contributor to a brand’s success. Brand differentiation is important from a digital marketing perspective as well as business aspects. It affects a brand’s short-term profitability and its long-term viability.

Here are a variety of ways to separate your brand for your competitors: through your service or product, your content, your position in the market, your adaptability, customer experience and service, and your pricing. Let’s delve into a little more detail with some of these.

Ways to differentiate your brand

Find your unique positioning

Every aspect of a brand, from the core product or service to the customer experience, should be rooted in the brand’s positioning. Whether your brand is positioned around a ‘who’ or a ‘why’ or the ‘how’, find what makes you relevant to your customer and stick to what makes you unique.

Excellent and unique customers experience and service

Consider taking your customers on a journey that is consistent with, and inspired by, your brand positioning. Maybe one of the finest instances of this notion is the Disney franchise. Every part of the Disney experience is rooted in what makes them unique – from the theme parks to their movies – it all comes back to the good old Disney magic! And people still want more after 95 years.


Too many companies have suffered because they haven’t adapted and cling to a sinking ship. If something isn’t working for your brand, don’t be afraid to change it. A pivot can be anything from a complete brand overhaul to making a very subtle change.

How else do you differentiate your brand from your competition? Let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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