Can Your Business Do Social Media Marketing On TikTok?

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A good digital marketer knows that the only way to remain ahead of the competition is to have a proactive approach towards creating digital marketing strategies. Utilising TikTok for your business is rather a prolific calculated decision as opposed to a straight out bold hunch. Early adopters of Instagram as well as Snapchat had proved that if you are able to pinpoint and leverage a social media platform during its first days, you are easily able to become an influencer, and also be able to make the most from marketing on that platform.

TikTok Marketing

Did you know that TikTok has around 100 million monthly active users? And this is only within the US?

If you own a company, TikTok marketing can be a fantastic channel for your brand because there is relatively little competition on the social media platform. However, if you’re a newbie to TikTok, you might not know how you are able to utilise it in order to market your company successfully.

There has been some debate with the app regarding data privacy, however, still continues to grow in popularity. So consider this prior to creating a TikTok marketing strategy.

What Is TikTok Marketing?

Many business owners haven’t taken the necessary time to figure out how TikTok is able to work as a marketing tool. This is why we’ve put together a TikTok marketing guide. Perhaps this is because they think the network only has a ‘young’ user base.

However, marketing on TikTok is now attracting a broad range of individuals. In fact, nearly 38% of TikTok users within the US are above the age of 30. The low business competition offers a massive opportunity as you are able to reach many people at a fairly low cost.

But should you utilise marketing on TikTok for your business?

How To Do TikTok Marketing

Marketing on TikTok is actually much straightforward than you’d think. There are currently three key choices for brands who are looking to utilise TikTok for promotion. Here is the ultimate TikTok marketing guide:

  • Create your brands’ own channel and then upload videos that are relevant to your business,
  • Make use of influencers to open your content to a much wider (but well-targeted) audience,
  • Pay to advertise utilising TikTok’s new campaign options (though, personally, we’d recommend holding off on this until the market is a little bit more established)

Why Should I Consider Doing TikTok Marketing For My Business?

The short answer is Yes.

Here are a few guaranteed signs that you always give the platform a try:

  • Your target audience is younger (aged between 16 and 30).
  • You’re looking to increase awareness of your business/brand to a far younger audience.
  • You are easily able to showcase your products/services in a video.
  • You’re quite comfortable sharing light-hearted brand content.
  • You’re open to trying out something new.
  • You don’t really mind spending time experimenting with content as well as the TikTok platform.

The biggest demographic of TikTok users is between the ages of 16 as well as 24. However if you think TikTok is just a fad for Generation Z, think again. Since the platform’s inception in 2018, TikTok has developed from a video-creation app that is solely meant so that the users can express their creativity to a marketing as well as advertising haven.

You’ve probably seen the ways brands make use of Instagram to engage with consumers through posts, stories, live videos as well as IGTV. TikTok gives brands the opportunity to engage with users through video, only in shorter, bite-sized clips. In the last 12 months, brands have established accounts on the platform to explore as well as engage with consumers. On TikTok, you are able to find everyone from influencers and celebrities to politicians as well as the average Joe.

The attraction of TikTok for businesses is the sheer number of active users who are on the platform. It’s still not exactly how the algorithm works however it seems to be far simpler for your video subject matter to go viral on TikTok as opposed to on other social media platforms.

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