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The world of marketing has changed immeasurably with the advent of digital marketing. It has given small businesses the power to supercharge their campaigns and compete with the big boys who are able to throw big money at the marketing budgets.

No longer are they relegated to taking out tiny classified ads in the community newspaper because this is all that they can afford. Now, they are able to put together campaigns that rival that of large companies because technology has advanced so rapidly and has made it much more affordable to put together slick-looking campaigns.

So what’s the preferred channel for small business to carry out their digital marketing campaigns?

This would have to be social media. Here’s why.

Social media has a vast reach

Stats show that, in 2018, there were an estimated 2.65 billion people on social media. By 2021, this number is projected to increase to 3.1 billion.

On an annual basis, We Are Social and Hootsuite publish their annual Global Digital Yearbook. The 2019 edition shows that – in January 2019 – the social media penetration rate was 40% of the population. This is around 23 million people.

This means that your target audience is, more than likely, on one (or several) social media platforms. And if your product is international, your social media marketing has just opened up a whole new potential audience of clients for your business.

You can be very specific in your targeting

With social media marketing, you can be very specific in your targeting. This is thanks to the vast amount of information that social networks gather about their users. Through this, you’re able to minutely target the customers you want to attract. In other words, advertising has become incredibly scientific and cost-effective as you’re no longer just putting an advert ‘out there’ and seeing what happens. You have the certainty that you’re targeting the people that you want

No one-size-fits-all approach

If you’re a B2B business, you know that you need to reach your customers on LinkedIn and Twitter. However, if you’re more of a B2C company, you know that you should be spending more of your marketing budget on advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Social media marketing also allows you the opportunity to see which of these platforms brings in the most traffic to your website. This allows you the opportunity to refine your campaigns and make sure that you’re dedicating the correct amount of money to those networks that are bringing in the most ROI.

If you’re putting in a lot of time and effort into a particular platform, but are getting absolutely no results from this, ditch it. Remember that there are a lot of social media networks out there with more springing up every day. However, not everybody will be the right fit for you. It’s a much better idea to be on a few, select platforms that to have inactive accounts on a variety of them.

Social media marketing has burst the door wide open on a whole new dimension to marketing. As we’ve said in this article, it’s democratised the art of marketing takes away big companies’ monetary advantage. In order to stand out, you need to put a bit of thought and creativity into your campaigns so that you can remain top of mind in the minds of the consumers.

It’s now much easier to do a social media marketing course

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