Why Should You Automate Your Social Media Marketing?

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Social media marketing can be daunting, particularly as brands juggle a number of different social media platforms. The average person makes use of around eight different social media accounts, which can make it quite challenging for brands to keep their branding and communication consistent as well as up to date.

As a result, many leading brands have turned to social media marketing automation in order to solve time-consuming processes which involve audience engagement and customised content. Automation has become critical particularly for brands looking to scale up.

What Is Social Media Marketing Automation?

Social media marketing automation is the process of utilising automated tools in order to improve your social media presence through the process of content curation as well as scheduling social media posts in advance. Social media marketing automation tools can help to reduce the amount of time which is spent on gathering posts last minute so that you can spend more time growing your account by engaging with your audience.

A More Personalised Approach

Automating your social media marketing may lead to a more personalised social media experience for your customers. This makes it easier for you to establish meaningful connections as well as build loyal customer relationships. In addition, social media marketing platforms can assist you with focusing on more important things, such as marketing strategy and creative concepts.

Social Media Marketing Automation Makes Your Brand More Agile

The most apparent benefit of automation is speed. Social media marketing management can be tedious and repetitive, particular when you’re doing it in bulk across different platforms which each have their own media formats as well as dimensions.

Being agile is imperative for brands at the moment. Think about what took place with COVID-19 and the retail industry, for instance: brands had a massive focus on communicating opening hours and store locations. This changed to meeting customer’s needs with pavement pick-ups as well as flexible delivery alternatives.

Automating social media marketing also frees up time as well as resources for creative work. Even though we’re talking about automation, the massive potential for automation lies in creative production. Automation assists you with always staying on-brand while saving a lot of valuable hours which you can instead invest in creating new concepts — creative is what essentially attracts people and makes it a better experience.

Social Media Marketing Automation Offers Better Insights

With improved results, a smart digital marketing team also requires better insights.  If you have one single platform for your social media marketing, with crystal clear reporting across all channels, you’re able to see the ROI from all the channels as well as to even see results on the campaign level. It gives clarity and transparency, particularly for performance marketers.

Overall, social media marketing automation is a useful and wonderful thing. If you want to start with automating your social media activity, take it one step at a time and automate your processes one by one.

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