Why Grow your Leads through Facebook Marketing

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Whether you are just starting to grow Facebook marketing leads or you’re a seasoned ads and social media marketing whiz, you can always learn lots of new tricks and hacks by keeping up with the latest Facebook marketing trends or by completing a social media course.

There are may reasons why you should advertise on Facebook.  Not only is Facebook marketing highly effective but a recent study shows that 96% of social media marketers consider Facebook the most effective social media advertising platform.

Reasons to make use of Facebook marketing

Is it too late to jump on the Facebook marketing wagon?

As social media advertising budgets have doubled over the past two years, it’s never too late to get a piece of the Facebook marketing pie.  Each day there are thousands and thousands of new Facebook members adding their profiles, which means your potential customer base is ever expanding. This trend is unlikely to change.

Simple set-up process

Any social media marketer wants fast results. The great thing is you don’t have to be a large corporate company to effectively take part in Facebook marketing.  In fact, you can achieve a lot on a small-scale budget.

Without much expense or effort, you can get started with Facebook advertising and see the first results quickly without costing a fortune.  You can start to drive people to your landing page or any page on your website that is relative to your ad.

Reaching your target audience

All marketing campaigns – whether traditional or via social media – have one goal in mind: to reach your perfect audience.  The great thing is the Facebook audience isn’t going anywhere.  With 1.6 billion users the average person spends as much as 50 minutes daily browsing on Facebook.

There are countless ways to reach your target audience through Facebook marketing such as video ads, articles and ads.  Your Facebook ads are easily customised to give you full control over every element of your Facebook marketing campaign.

Do you want more leads?

Facebook marketing has fast become a solid digital marketing strategy.  There are a number of ways to generate qualified leads with Facebook marketing, such as:

  • Increasing your Facebook ads click-through rate – Encourage your readers to do a double-take of your ad by using an odd or funny image. Use a catchy headline that conforms to headline best practice.
  • Use a lead-generating landing page – One the best ways to gain leads is to send your Facebook traffic directly to your landing page.
  • Target your audience – Being able to specifically target your ideal audience is what makes Facebook marketing so appealing. Once you’ve generated a specific target list import it as your custom audience.

Driving leads from Facebook marketing

Now that you know how marvellous Facebook advertising is it’s time to learn a few basic steps to get started.

It’s crucial for Facebook advertisers to create meaningful content and build up engagement on your Facebook page, however, remember to keep content simple and concise.  Manage conversations and build relationships.  Unify your social CRM across Facebook messenger and pages.

Gather strategic insights on performance of your Facebook advertising from Facebook data.    Discover what resonates with your readers.  Identify your best content and understand how it’s being shred throughout Facebook.

It’s also a great idea to enhance your Facebook advertising by driving traffic to your website’s landing page by describing the piece of content that is available on your site and simply ask for an e-mail address for them to access it.

Get in touch with the Digital School of Marketing

Don’t be afraid to spend some of your advertising budget on Facebook marketing as the return on investment will be worthwhile.  Facebook Ads Manager is a very handy tool available on Facebook to manage all your Facebook advertising. To learn more about how to use Facebook advertising for the benefit of your company, enrol in the Digital School of Marketing’s Social Media Marketing Course today!

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