Why Does Your Business Need A Social Media Marketing Strategy?

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What did people do when they were confined to their homes during the global Covid-19 lockdowns? Apart from making pineapple beer and becoming master bakers, people spent much of their time scrolling their various smartphone-based social media applications. This has resulted in social media marketing, becoming an appealing avenue for businesses to participate in online marketing and advertising. So, should your business invest in a social media marketing strategy? We’ve got four reasons why the answer to that question is a resounding YES!

  • Build A Strong Local Brand

    The strongest of brands are those that can stay consistently in the minds of their existing as well as potential customers – without becoming overbearing. Social media is used as a local-resource finding tool, where large digital communities exist to share information and pass each other business (in some cases). Remaining active on social media, by posting regularly and engaging with groups, means you’re always being seen by the community, which aids with brand


  • Increase Website Traffic

    Social media is also a superb tool for driving traffic to a website. Because social media posts allow for the sharing of links, a business leveraging their social media page for increased lead generation can share links to their website pages that their followers can click on to find out more. What’s the use of having an amazing website if you have nowhere to share it or nobody to share it with. Your social media account will also display your business contact information to make contacting you easier for social media users.


  • Improve Relationships

    In the modern world of marketing and advertising, the emphasis is being placed on things like transparency and openness. Consumers want to be engaged on a personal level by brands. Instead of simply being cash cows that brands milk, consumers want to be active participants in a brand-client relationship that offers mutually-beneficial outcomes. Social media is the most affordable, most effective way to stay in touch with large groups of followers at once.


  • Leverage Your Content

    Just like an amazing website that doesn’t get visited, developing amazing content is worth nothing if you have nowhere to share it for other people’s viewing, please. Managing social media business accounts means you have a platform to put on display whatever creative digital content you are able to develop. Think blog articles, infographics, presentations, catalogues, company profiles, etc. All of these can be shared across any social media platform.

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