Why do South African businesses need social media marketing?

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South African businesses are well underway in completing the process of the digitalisation of everything.  This is why becoming skilled in social media marketing is paramount for your business.  The 4th industrial revolution is here which makes social media marketing a ‘must-have’ for South African businesses.

Social media marketing is exploding, and studies show that this form of digital marketing is expected to grow dramatically in the very near future.  In fact, research shows that social media marketing is the most cost-effective form of digital marketing.  Besides this important point, social media marketing allows South African businesses to explore limitless digital marketing opportunities.

Completing a social media marketing course will equip you with the ability to move your business forward with boosting its online presence and brand awareness.  Undertaking a social media course will give your business the winning edge it needs to stay ahead in today’s highly competitive digital world.

Why do South African businesses need social media marketing?

You want your business to join the digital transformation powerhouse and to be a part of the latest massive trend in the digital world, right?  Of course, you do!  In fact, simply put – no business can thrive today without a solid social media marketing strategy.

Effective social media marketing is an almost guaranteed way to reach and engage with a broader target audience.  This worldwide race to knock your competitor off the radar on the social media platforms has seen the need increase dramatically for qualified digital marketers.  And South African businesses have enjoyed the dividends from investing in developing a well-planned social media marketing campaign.

South African business needs to be noticed on the global stage of social media in order to take full advantage of the explosion of business opportunities worldwide.  Therefore, becoming skilled in social media marketing is vital for your business to keep on track with the latest digital trends.

Social media trends in South Africa

Social media continues rise in popularity in South Africa, which means South African businesses need to be where the action is and be visible on the social media platforms.

Although most people are still accessing the internet via their pc’s, access via a mobile device is increasing all the time, therefore your business should be easily accessible when online users are searching for a product or service.

Although WhatsApp isn’t usually considered a social media platform, more and more South African businesses are using this platform to connect with their audience.  WhatsApp is on the rise with an impressive message open rate of nearly a 100%.  South African businesses need to take note of the WhatsApp trend and include this form of advertising in their overall digital marketing strategy.

Benefits of social media marketing for businesses

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube are the most popular social media platforms in South Africa, all attracting a combination of millions of active users daily.  In order to grow, your business needs to be in front of these users regularly, whether through likes, shares or comments.

Here are just a few great benefits of getting your business on trend and active on social media platforms:

  • Brand boost and identity – It’s fair to say that this has to be one of the main benefits of being active on social media for a business. Any marketing strategy is all about boosting brand awareness and creating a strong brand identity – social media marketing is absolutely brilliant for achieving both.
  • Improved customer engagement – Being active on social media creates more opportunities to engage with customers which may not exist without being active on the platform.
  • Better audience target capabilities – Social media allows businesses to create well-thought out strategies to reach their ideal target audience.
  • Drive traffic – Posting on social media is a really effective way to drive traffic to your website, where you can make a ‘call to action’ more direct.
  • Lead generation – Every business needs to home in on any possible leads and social media increases lead generation as your brand is exposed to a wider audience.
  • Instant feedback – Today’s savvy consumers want feedback and they want it instantly. South African businesses need to stay on trend and offer instant feedback to any interaction on social media.

As you read in this article Social Media Marketing skills are of the utmost important in today’s business context.

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