Which Are The Best Platforms For Social Media Marketing?

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Social media platforms have swiftly become a very important part of marketing for organisations. With so many social media platforms which are available, you’ve likely wondered which one’s the best for social media marketing.

More and more consumers are making use of these channels in order to find new companies as well as engage with their favourite brands. However, most businesses can’t be everywhere at once, particularly small businesses with tight marketing budgets.

That’s why it’s vital for companies to be strategic about which social media platforms that they work in order to build a presence on. The key to very successful social media marketing will be selecting the best social media platform for your company.

This is based on a number of different factors, which includes the type of business you have, what audience you are attempting to reach, your specific goals, and much more.


Facebook remains the king of social media. Thus, it makes sense for all businesses to have a Facebook page at least. Not only does Facebook have over 2.2 billion active users, they have the largest blend of demographics of any other social media platform.

Their advertising is also very easy to use and has fantastic targeting options. This means that you don’t waste ad revenue on users who aren’t interested. Best of all, you are able to communicate directly with prospective customers via Facebook Messenger resulting in more leads.


Instagram is a platform which feels like it’s non-negotiable. Perhaps it’s because it’s owned by Facebook, or perhaps it’s because it also has an additional 1 billion users.

In order to determine if Instagram will be one of the top social media platforms for your business, let’s have a look at the demographics:

  • If you’re aiming at a younger demographic, Instagram will be fantastic for you. A total of 72% of all teenagers use Instagram as well as 67% of all young adults under the age of 30 utilise Instagram.
  • You will also find approximately half of the people under the age of 50 years old on Instagram.
  • Even a quarter of people who are between the ages of 50 and 65 on Instagram.

Owing to the younger demographic of Instagram users, there are fewer users with a university education and high income compared to Facebook. Only 43% of people with university degrees use Instagram, and only 42% of high-income earners use Instagram on a daily basis.


Twitter is a more challenging nut to crack however it is strong in viral as well as influencer marketing. Hashtags and mentions give you the opportunity to track and join in trending topics and conversations. With approximately 328 million users and 500 million Tweets per day on average, there are a lot of opportunities to join conversations which are relevant to your industry.

In terms of demographics, Twitter is also relatively varied. Users are split 50/50 between male and female, with ages being split quite evenly as well. Twitter also provides advertising options, so you can promote your tweets, your account and even a trend to gain new followers and leads.

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