What NOT to post on corporate social media accounts

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With over 3.8 billion social media users at the start of 2020, it makes sense that an increasing number of brands are going to social media channels to keep in touch with their clients – both existing and potential. Transparency and openness define social media communications in the modern marketing world, but you know what they often say: too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. This article takes a look at three things a brand should NEVER talk about on their corporate social media accounts:

1. Confidential information

Regardless of whether it’s intentional or by accident, corporate social media accounts or pages should avoid sharing – unless given permission – any information considered confidential. This can include things like customer names and contact numbers, supplier details, addresses, employee records, account passwords, budgets, and business strategies or plans. Leaking of this type of information could lead to a loss of brand reputation, loss of customers, and might even lead to civil or criminal legal action.

2. Derogatory comments

Brands that promote themselves on social media channels will understand: the customer isn’t always right. However, the methods that companies use to tell customers that they are misinformed aren’t always conducive to a happy ending.

Social media is where customers share details about their brand experiences. The bad news is that a disgruntled customer, who is made more disgruntled by a brand not willing to be amicable, will talk. Remove personal opinions when responding to social media followers and refrain from using negative language at all costs.

3. Wrong brand content

How do you select the right content for your corporate social media accounts? It’s a tough task because there’s the right content and then there’s the wrong content. Examples of the wrong type of content include social media content irrelevant to the brand or the company’s vertical, copyrighted content; violent or abusive content, and inconsistently branded content that confuses the company’s mission statement, logo, or other brand elements.

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