What is covered in a social media marketing course?

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Social media has become one of the top trends in digital marketing.  There are many reasons for this communication platform’s popularity and with millions of people and businesses spending a lot more time online, being visible on social media is vital to the success of a brand.

If you’re passionate about engaging on social media and you’re captivated by all things in the digital world – then qualifying as a social media professional is definitely for you!

If you want to a career in the lucrative and interactive world of social media you can kickstart your career by completing a social media marketing course.  An important point to remember is that the course you choose must be through an accredited institution.

Why a career in social media is a good choice

Being an expert in social media is not only an exciting career choice but choosing this type of career means there’ll always be great career opportunities available to you as the social media sphere is constantly evolving.

Social media gurus are very much in demand and this fact doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon.

So, what does a social media marketing course teach you?

Successful social media engagement is an essential digital marketing tool in any marketing strategy therefore the social media marketing employee is very much in high demand.

Besides the more obvious subjects included in this type of course such as content marketing, you’ll also learn many in-depth tips and techniques to achieve professional excellence in this booming field.  Completing a social media marketing course will turn you into a social media guru.  So, if it’s limitless job opportunities you’re looking for – you’re on the right track!

What basic traits are important to have to start your career as a social media specialist?

So, you’re interested in pursuing a career in social media marketing – great choice!  But what does it take to have a successful career in social media marketing?  Are there certain personality traits that may help you be a success?

We know there are definite skills that can be learnt to further your career in social media marketing such as HTML, copywriting and analysis skills.  But there are also ‘soft’ skills or traits that suit this line of work, such as curiosity, creativity and great story-telling for example.

Let’s take a closer look at what is covered in a social media marketing course

There are many social media platforms and virtual communities online nowadays.  The most popular by far are Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.  Any worthwhile social media marketing course will cover all you need to know about these social media platforms, as each requires a different approach, style and tone.

Here is more information on what you’ll learn in a social media marketing course.

  • Platforms are different – Although all of the above mentioned social media platforms may seem pretty similar, and they are, yet each one requires a different approach to digital marketing. Understanding how to build effective marketing campaigns on of each these platforms is vital.
  • Creative content – As each social media platform is different the content you create must be tailored to suit a particular channel. This is crucial as a social media marketing specialist to successfully reach a target audience and drive as much engagement as possible through a single post.
  • Content strategy – It’s not all about creating great content. Social media content must take into account consumers behaviour as well as being consistent.
  • Engaging your audience – It’s important to constantly engage your target audience with your brand and persona. Engagement has to be constant and consistent in style, there can be no deviation.  Whenever your audience engages with your business, they need to recognise your brand immediately.
  • Brand awareness – We know that all the social media platforms are absolutely brilliant to boost brand awareness. However, it’s necessary to constantly get the right message across about your brand.  Consistency is a key factor in brand awareness.
  • Effective campaigns – Each social media channel campaign will require a different approach. You’ll learn how to adapt your campaigns to different social media channels.
  • Paid marketing campaigns – Paid advertising has become a really cost-effective form of digital marketing and most businesses are taking advantage of the social media platforms to get the most out of their advertising budget. Creating leads through paid advertising is vital to any social media marketing campaign.
  • Community management – Understanding your social media community is important in order to plan ahead for marketing and customer service.
  • Understanding analytics – Accurately interpreting and reading social media analytics will help you gauge which platform and what type of social media post works the best for your brand. Optimising your social media channels using analytical data is a skill that is a must-have for a social media marketing specialist.

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular social media platforms

There are many social media platforms and virtual communities available on the world wide web.  The most popular are Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Vimeo.

Let’s look at these most popular social media platforms in more detail.

  • Facebook – Having millions of daily users Facebook is the most popular social media platform – and there’s good reason for being that. By using Facebook, business is able to build their brand by creating dedicated Facebook pages as well as using paid advertising.
  • Instagram – Did you know that imagery and video attracts way more viewers than text? So, no wonder millions of people worldwide are using Instagram as a digital marketing platform.  Its user numbers are set to continue to skyrocket – good news for your career in social media marketing for sure.  This social media platform is image and video based, square based, to be exact, and is a brilliant way to get your message across visually.
  • LinkedIn – This platform is used to establish a professional, career-based presence online as well as being a useful job advertising site as well.
  • Twitter – Keeping in line with the latest social media trends, Twitter is becoming more and more visual.  Seen as the social media ‘news breaker’ site this is a micro-blogging platform where each post is limited to a 280 limit, so it’s an ideal way to get your message across quickly and keep it to the point.

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