What Factors Make A Social Media Campaign Successful?

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Measuring digital marketing success is much easier than doing the same for traditional marketing. Social media platforms give businesses and entrepreneurs in-depth analytical data to measure the success of their social media marketing campaigns, and any marketer that wants to improve their offering should be assessing and integrating findings from past campaigns. So, how do you tell if a social media marketing campaign has worked or not?

This really does depend on the specific goals you’ve set for the campaign. Establishing objectives for every social media marketing campaign means that there’s a goalpost to aim for, and the reaching or falling short of that goalpost is the easiest way to determine if your efforts have culminated in success or not. Should you not have any goals set for your social marketing campaigns, here are a few metrics the improvement of which you should be tracking over time:


We’ve finally discovered, without a doubt, that if you want the best results for your social media content – you need to generate engagement. This comes in the form of likes, comments, shares, and other interactions between the consumer and the brand on social media. If you’re getting decent engagement on most of your social content, your campaign will be considered as doing well.


Out of the three engagement metrics listed above, the most important of these is sharing. When a follower shares one of your posts, it means that they like your content so much that they’re willing to put their name to it and give it out to their own personal network. This increases the reach your content will enjoy, as you are tapping into networks you’d otherwise not be able to.


If the goal of your social media campaign involves your business website in any way (like driving traffic to your re-developed site, or a competition landing page), then measuring your click-through rates will tell you if you’ve hit the right note with your content. A click-through, simply put, is when a social media user clicks on a link that you have shared as part of a social media post.


Part of a brand’s long-term social media marketing strategy should be to grow the number of followers over time. Brands will lose and gain followers organically over time. Still, when you’re losing more follower than you’re gaining over a period of time – this could mean you have a bigger issue with your social media strategy. If your following is growing over time, you’re doing something right – keep it up!

By now, you probably realise that social media marketing involves so much more than just whipping up a post with a pretty image and a quirky chunk of text.

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