What does a social media manager entail in a business?

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Nowadays most businesses need a dedicated social media manager to manage all aspects of their digital marketing campaigns.  In fact, any online marketing campaign is likely to be a dismal failure without such a skilled professional.

Being a social media manager in a business entails having a keen eye for detail in absolutely everything digital.  Hiring a social media manager ensures that your brand is placed centre stage online and stays there.  In fact, employing a social media manager is the norm in 2019 and demand for this skill set continues to increase dramatically.

A competent social media manager will bring to the business a much-needed flair to enhance a business’ online presence.  Qualifying as a social media manager by completing an accredited social media course means your business is set to be a contender in the online race of digital marketing.

The intricacies of social media management

The process of creating, crafting, scheduling, engaging and analysing social media marketing campaigns is what a social media manager does.  This may seem pretty straight forward to those not well-versed in everything digital, but this role is challenging and demands a thorough understanding of social media trends and processes.

There are many differences in all of the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn.  All of these networks requires a different marketing approach – hence the social media manager’s much needed skill set.  Reputation management of a brand relies heavily on social media engagement and this is where all the intricacies of a social media manager come into play and are hugely beneficial to a business.

What do a social media manager’s duties entail?

Right, now we’ve outlined the importance of a business hiring a social media manager, let’s take a closer look at exactly what their duties entail.   First off, it’s important to understand that a competent social media manager will have a really good understanding of all their duties and knows that it’s vitally important, as a social media manager, to be an all-rounder when it comes to digital marketing, while keeping in mind that their main function is to engage an audience and boost brand awareness and profits.

Here are the most important duties of a social media manager.

  • Content creation – High quality content is one of the most important duties of a social media manager. Whether it’ is imagery or videos – it’s key to keep ‘all’ content of the highest quality.
  • Understanding your audience – The ability to understand a business’s target audience is vital. Understanding their needs drives valuable social media interaction.  It’s key to ‘humanise’ all interactions with your audience.
  • Brand awareness – It’s important to constantly positively position your brand on social media platforms. It’s crucial that a social media manager avoids any negative brand association.
  • Engagement – Always be aware of what your consumers are saying about your organisation on social media, including both positive and negative feedback. Take swift action where it’s needed, and a social media manager must reply to comments, questions and queries quickly – even negative ones.  A quick response time is crucial to the success of a social media marketing campaign.
  • Customer experience – Digital transformation is ultimately driven by the need to improve your consumers’ overall experience and customer engagement is a huge part of meeting this need. Enhancing and ultimately perfecting your customer’s experience with your brand is key to fruitful social media marketing.
  • SEO marketing – Good search engine optimisation techniques involve a wide range of SEO methods that ensures the best possible ranking on the search engine results pages. The competition is tough, and a social media manager must always strive to get the best possible ranking.
  • Data intelligence – BI, or business intelligence, is of great value to corporations, therefore understanding just how to get the most of out all the data collected via social media marketing is vitally important.
  • Analytics – Without proper and in-depth data analysis, it’s extremely difficult to determine the success of your social media marketing campaign. Being able to adequately track the number of followers, the number of posts shared, engagements and leads is the cornerstone of what social media management entails.

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