What Are The Top Trends To Drive Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

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Trends come and go over time, but in the marketing world – they’re constantly shifting. Technological advancement, which has sped up dramatically since the start of the decade, is reshaping the world around us, and the world of marketing and advertising. What is possible today was unheard of a mere five years ago, and the innovation train is only going to pick up speed. For this reason, it pays to keep checking in regularly to see what trends are shaping the future of an industry. This article takes a look at three trends that are shaping people’s social media marketing strategies for 2021 and beyond:

The Rise Of Disinformation

Unfounded claims spread on social media during a crisis has done the most damage in 2020, as COVID-19 disinformation convinced many people the world over that the virus was somehow orchestrated to advance political agendas. Regardless of how COVID-19 came to be, the issue is that statements made without adequate proof to substantiate them can spread like wildfire across social media platforms – and people will take them as fact when they’re often far from it. When you’re looking for third-party content for your social campaign, be sure to fact-check everything before sharing it with your audience.

Socially Conscious Audiences

Generation Z and to a degree Millennials are way more socially conscious than previous generations. They align themselves with brands which share their ideals and social concerns. For example, people who donate and volunteer at SPCA shelters are more likely to buy from a store that donates to the SPCA than one that doesn’t. Are you interested in any community outreach programmes? Drumming up support for this cause on social media is one way to get your audiences involved with something you’re both passionate about – building better relations across the board while doing something noble.

It’s About Conversations

Your target audiences don’t want to be sold to – they want to have a conversation. They want to hear what you have to say, in the best way that you can say it. They want to have an experience every time they interact with you, and it is your social media marketing (among others) that will facilitate this. Be ever-ready to engage with customers as and when they reach out with a message or a contact form enquiry. Show your human side in your social content, and make your followers want to stop scrolling with jaw-dropping media that entertains them.

Social media channels have adapted unrecognisably since their first inception all those years ago. Today, it takes constant effort to remain updated with what is going on in the marketing and advertising industry.

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