What Are The Top Tips For Social Media Marketing?

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With over 3 billion people using social media, social media marketing is one of the most important channels for businesses to get high-quality traffic, customer engagement as well as eventually driving sales.

In addition, social media now has a global penetration rate of 49%. This figure means that almost half the world’s population is now using social media in one format or another. If you know how to leverage your social media platform correctly, then there can be no better opportunity for marketing out there.

Uses Of Social Media

Both new and well-established brands are utilising social media in order to grow their following, generate leads as well as increase sales. Establishing a brand using social media may feel like a massive undertaking with all of the platforms which are available to you.

However, it’s easier than ever to use social media in order to connect with people and grow your brand organically. If you’re just starting out or, alternatively, have been active on social media platforms for years, there’s always room for improvement. Each platform has different uses.

Create A Special Strategy For Each Social Media Platform

In the same way that you prepare other aspects of your marketing plan, you are required to have a specific and deliberate plan for each platform which you utilise. Each platform has nuances – as well as best practices – for creating engagement. Your brand might not be required to have a presence on every platform. However, for your posts to be targeted, you need to have a strategy which is specific to the platform that you’re using.

Ensure that you are able to answer questions such as:

  • Why am I utilising this platform?
  • Who will be reached on this platform?
  • What post types work best on this type of platform?
  • How are my posts unique to this type of platform?

If you difficult a hard time responding to these questions, it could very well be time to dig deeper into the reason you’re investing time there. Responding to these questions will also assist you to develop your strategy for that platform.

Lay Out Your Aims And Objectives

Having a solid plan, objectives, as well as goals, are imperative if you would like to jumpstart your social media strategy. If you don’t know what you would like to achieve, how are you supposed to attain it? Not to mention that if you can’t measure or evolve your strategies over time if you don’t have strong goals to start with.

Your social media goals need to align with your overall marketing efforts. Noting down your goals is paramount if you would like to reach them. According to a research study, you’re 30% more likely to be successful if you note your goals down. In some of the studies, the figure is as high as 40%.

When you decide on your goals, make them attainable and break them down into smaller action steps. How to set attainable goals to slay your social media marketing strategy:

  • Use numbers (such as: reach 5000 Instagram followers)
  • Always set a deadline
  • Be specific and make your goals “SMART”
  • Make your goals in line with your entire marketing strategy

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