Want to Sure-Fire your Social Media Strategy?

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Time is ticking for any social media strategy as the age of digital marketing is ever-changing and the challenge is constantly on to find new ways to boost your social media strategy, whether through social media marketing courses or your preferred social media platforms.

Although social media management can be extremely time-consuming, there are great ways to easily and effectively build up your social media strategy and improve your overall social media presence in just a few minutes every day.

Just what is a social media strategy?

It’s often easy to get caught up in all the new buzz words related to social media, but in a nutshell a social media strategy is basically a digital marketing strategy of everything you plan to do digitally to achieve the best presence and engagement possible for you on all social media platforms.

9 tips to optimise your social media strategy 

  1. Set goals

    Define the desired outcomes of your social media strategy and just how you’ll measure them. Decide on a plan of action and ensure you revisit your goals often to refresh your social media strategy

  2. Define target audiences

    Research and profile your anticipated target audience and your ideal readership. Ensure you are targeting the ‘right’ audience for your posts and engagement.

  3. Channel your energy

    Take time in choosing the best social media platform available to you for your particular posts and message you want to go viral. Tweak your posts according to each platform selected, as they differ in social media strategy approaches.

  4. Outline process

    Develop the infrastructure and tools you’ll need to execute your social media strategy Stick to your defined process and your plan of action.

  5. Optimise your bio content

    The first thing your audience will see is a snippet of your bio. It cannot be underestimated how this first impression could damage or boost your follower’s engagement and your overall social media strategy.  Fine-tune your bio and ensure it is a powerful snippet of you or your organisation.

  6. Image check  

    Ensure that all your profile images are the correct sizes for that particular social media platform, having a stretched or cropped profile image is unflattering and shows a lack of social media professionalism.

  7. Uniform branding 

    Ensure that all your branding on each social media platform is consistent and up to date. Branding uniformity, across all social media platforms, is an element that should not be overlooked as it conveys a constant look and feel across to your audience.

  8. Include audio posts 

    Audio content is fast becoming popular across all social media platforms and there are apps available that make it super simple to make waves and create audio content for your social media platforms. Podcasts are a popular way to turn every day blogs into an exciting, fresh social media post.

  9. Be a thought leader  

    Social media platforms give you and your brand a voice – use it.

Content is king

Part of a successful social media strategy is coming up with effective, interesting and valued content for your social media platforms.  This can seem daunting at first, but with time and experience filling your social media pages becomes second nature on deciding what it is you’re going to post.

To ensure your content remains fresh and engaging across all your social media platforms, define your content mix and produce your social media content with a definitive rhythm that provides your audience with both variety and consistency at the same time.

Add value to your social media content

A social media strategy must emphasise the value of your social media posts and engagement for your audience.

Keep a social media strategy calendar to plan in advance your content mix to ensure consistent value is added to your social media presence.

Always remember, it’s not what you post but the value of your post to your targeted audience.

Social media strategy at a glance

  • Be visual
  • Plan ahead
  • Mix content
  • Curate and create
  • Prioritise channels
  • Tag and credit sources
  • Target your audience

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In order to plan and execute the best social media strategy that you can, you need to have done a social media course. The Digital School of Marketing’s Social Media Marketing Course is just such a qualification to get you on the path of being a successful social media manager!

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