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Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest. We really do have a choice when it comes to which social media channels we want to interact on. With so much choice, and most social media users holding accounts with more than one social media website, it can become quite overwhelming when tasked with marketing a business and its services or products on social media. Where do you begin and how do you choose which channels will work best? This article offers three non-negotiable social media marketing tips that will help improve your social marketing efforts in 2021:

It Starts With A Persona

You’ll see below that no two social media platforms are the same, and the same is true about social media users. One of the most essential first steps in a social media marketing strategy is to figure out who the brand’s ideal target audience is. In other words, what are the characteristic traits of the perfect customer for the business’s products and services? Instead of trying a shotgun approach, which requires ample resources for little return, consider drilling down and tailor your content to the tastes of the people most likely to become your customers.

  • Tailor Your Approaches

    Every social media platform is unique in the way marketers have to use it to garner engagement and get their marketing messages in front of the largest audience possible. One broad social media marketing strategy won’t work across all platforms. It takes looking into best practices for the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Each will have different character limits for their posts, image dimensions, content restrictions, etc.


  • Measure & Analyse

    A whopping 40% of businesses admit that they don’t accurately track the return on investment as far as their social media marketing investment goes. This means that nearly half of the brands don’t know for certain if their marketing efforts are actually working or not. Social media platforms offer businesses analytical data from the campaigns they run that can be assessed to improve subsequent campaigns.


  • Interact Where Possible

    The trick to growing a following of truly dedicated social media fans is to be authentic in the way you interact with followers on social media and to add value through engagement wherever possible. For example, brand X might notice that a conversation is being started around its products or services online. The social media marketer could comment directly, adding value to the conversation and showing the followers that there is actually a living breathing person behind the social media marketing content.

The field of social media marketing is one of the most interesting sectors of the marketing profession. When done properly – social media marketing can become an invaluable lead generation tool for any business.

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