Three reasons why video marketing is important on social media

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Did you know that engagement rates on social media and emails go through the roof when they incorporate video elements? People want to consume content without much effort from their side, so watching videos (especially with captions on) means that brands can get their messages across with stunning video and audio. We already know that video marketing is very important on social media, so let’s find out why:

What’s video marketing?

In a nutshell, video marketing involves the planning, shooting/designing, and sharing of video files on the internet on behalf of a brand or interested party. Since video content is expected to account for over 80% of Internet traffic in the coming year, if a brand hasn’t already gotten into video marketing – it might already be too late.

  1. Videos can drive conversions

Regardless of where a video is shared, there should always be a why attached to it. Why are you posting this video? The consumer can be compelled to take action, like sharing the video or purchasing a product. Conversions are virtual high-fives between a brand and the viewer. They have watched the video to completion, which shows interest, and should then be given the opportunity to engage with the brand further by taking an action.

  1. Videos grab attention

We, as consumers, like watching videos. The engagement stats speak for themselves. Unlike paragraphs of text that require reading, video messages can be consumed without any effort needed from the consumer. All these individuals have to do is watch and listen. Compelling video content will grab the attention of any social media scroller, and particular emphasis should be placed on the first three seconds – that’s how long a brand has to capture a viewer’s attention.


  1. Videos are shareable

Did you know that over 65% of SMEs and large organisations consider video marketing their most engaging public communication platform? This is because people like watching videos, and they want to share videos they like with their online networks. However, this isn’t the best news. With all the content that people put onto social media every day, it is more probable that videos will be shared as opposed to text content.

Videos are engagement magnets on social media, but only when done professionally and tastefully.

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