The 7P’s of social media marketing

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Social media marketing is an influential brand-building tool which can drive long-term, organic growth that is can be sustained through any micro- or, alternatively, macro-environmental threat. Evolving the value of your brand should constantly be of top strategic importance. The value of a brand has saved more than one company or product from going under in recent years.

With traditional, offline marketing, all a company owner had to do was place an ad in the Yellow Pages. They may have had advertised in a number of local print media publications and, if the budget allowed, these organisation owners would have used some broadcast media such as radio or, alternatively, TV.

When the Internet gained popularity, it became the ultimate equaliser. Even the little guy could have a site for their business and compete with the big conglomerates. You had to have a website and be in the search engine results pages (SERPs). If you didn’t you mind as well not have existed because no one would be able to find you.

The big and scary world of social media marketing

In this world of social media marketing it seems intimidating to the small guy to be able to be competing with the big guys. It’s overpowering. However, it’s impossible to ignore this new age of marketing. It is vital for you to learn how to use it properly. If you don’t, you’ll look foolish.

You have to take control of social media marketing for your business. This is something that you really didn’t have before however with it you can take total control of your marketing. No more is it necessary for you to depend on someone else to update your website. You can do it with user-friendly platforms such as WordPress. Sure you may need to hire a graphic designer if you’re not that way inclined. However, besides this social media marketing is much less expensive than print and broadcast advertising.

The Marketing Mix for social media marketing

As students of marketing, you would have heard about the 4P’s of marketing (price, product, place, promotion). You would take these factors into account when you launch or brand your product. In this social media age, the four P’s are extended to 7.


Consumers are in the business of building brands and not companies. This means that you must develop your brand reputation as well as persona. In addition, you must dependably meet your audience’s expectations to create the correct perceptions.

Adhere to the Pareto Principle and ensure at least 80% of your social media content, conversations, as well as activities are useful in addition to meaningful to your target audience. Ensure that no more than 20% is self-promotional.


Spread your brand as well as and social media influence by concentrating your efforts on your target audience. Avoid activities that could negatively influence the social perception of your brand.


Don’t throw in the towel. Persistently publish useful as well as meaningful content and conversations so that your target audience can obtain real social value from your brand.


Quality content in addition to conversations trump quantity everything. Write amazing, shareworthy content in order to develop trust with your target audience. Substantiate your marketing claims and cement your authority.


It’s true that quality outperforms quantity however quantity still matters. Make sure that your brand is visible by publishing content as well as  conversations frequently.


Stand out from the online clutter online by playing in the right spaces in order to get in front of the correct audiences. Pinpoint where your target audience spends time online, and join in the conversation in those forums.


Social media power comes from the shared strength of all of the earlier social media marketing P’s. Together, all of these fundamentals drive your brand success over a period of time. This is the type of momentum which drives ongoing results.

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