How to Start a Career in Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing is one of the most sought-after careers today. Companies all over the globe are demanding the very best. CEOs everywhere are looking at CVs where they will note where the person in question has received training.

Becoming a Social Media Marketer

Channel your energy into social media

You need to channel your energy and excitement into shaping your future. If marketing has always been your thing, but you want to get into social media, you need a strategy or a set of goals on how you’ll accomplish this.

The best way to ensure that you can achieve your goals is to make them S.M.A.R.T:

  • You need to be very Specific about how you conceptualise these.
  • At various points along the way, you need to Measure your progress towards achieving them.
  • The goals that you set need to be A
  • In addition, the goals need to be R
  • You can’t spend forever and a day working towards your goals. There needs to be a Time limit.

For a comprehensive understanding of SMART objectives and goals, the Digital Marketing Certificate covers this technique in great detail.

The joys of being a freelance social media marketer

The world of freelancing is open becomes wide open to you as a social media marketer. The joy of being a freelance social media marketer is that you can choose your hours of work and you can work from anywhere.

Data can make you delirious – and it’s catching

You’re also going to have to become a data freak because analytics will let you know who’s reading, who are engaging with the content that you put out and who you need to focus on. Become the networking guru that others will turn to for advice.

Launching a new career is never easy. There’s a lot to be learned about social media marketing, and half the fun is getting there.

The Digital School of Marketing’s Social Media Marketing Course is the most comprehensive digital marketing course in the market to help you catapult your career in social media management to the next level.

Modules include:

  • How to market yourself and/or your business on different social media channels
  • How content marketing works on social media
  • How to build the best possible brand on social media
  • How to figure out what social media advertising is right for you
  • How to measure your social media activities using analytics
  • How to manage a social media community

For more information and to register, follow this link.

Both the Digital Marketing Course and Social Media Marketing course cover the techniques you will need in order to successfully compete on both social media channels and the search engine listings.

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