Has Social Media Marketing Beaten Traditional Marketing?

DSM Social Media Marketing

The challenge with today’s marketing environment are that you must learn to navigate your way utilising a myriad of social media marketing apps. The trick is to get to know the apps so thoroughly that they become second nature.

How Social Media has taken over

Social Media Marketing is Transforming your Work Environment

Feeling a bit lost here in the world of digital marketing? The keywords here are patience and perseverance which, because of your eagerness, you will have in abundance. You will wonder how you ever managed to do anything at all with marketing in the past.

Previously, marketing was a case of knowing your LSM strategy, getting a copywriter that could write the hind legs off a donkey and grabbing a designer whose eye could work miracles and voila! You would produce a magnificent ad that would capture your required audience.

The big question will naturally be, did the ad sell? Whereas today, with social media marketing the art is all about communication. Back then it was about placing the ad in what were considered the right magazines or on the right TV channel and radio station, and that was that. You were possibly also allowed an “advertorial” to run in the same issue as your ad and this was your paid-for editorial. No-one ever took much notice of this as it was extremely biased.

Subtlety back then was much of an unknown quantity

This was especially true when it came to copy. The trick involved largely a spray-and-pray approach and without much targeting involved. It may reach a target, it may not. Naturally, some worked, like the billboards of Times Square will attest to. That Brands like Nike and Nestle were on everyone’s lips thanks to expensive marketing campaigns but the smaller brands that were looking for breakthrough battled.

DSM Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is Much More Targeted

The beauty about social media is that you can create your adverts and deliver them to EXACTLY who you want to see them. This makes social media marketing an essential aspect of your digital marketing strategy for big as well as small brands as no matter how much you spend on a campaign the quality of the ads which are presented to your customers are standardised.

Social media provides such detail about your audience that you can even pinpoint what their ‘zero moment of truth’ is or where they are in the buying cycle so that you can deliver messages to them which they will resonate with. (Read more about the Zero Moment of Truth here.)

Why you should go on a social media marketing course

Any social media marketing course will teach you the ins and outs of how to navigate the social media landscape and come out on top and able to deliver good value for your clients.

The Digital School of Marketing’s Social Media Marketing Course, which is a digital marketing course accredited by the Media Information and Communication Technology SETA and endorsed by the IAB South Africa, is guaranteed to provide you with a thorough grounding in social media marketing which will take you marketing to the next level.

Modules on this digital marketing certificate include:

  • How to put together a social media marketing strategy
  • The ins-and-outs of managing a social media community
  • What are the golden rules to advertising and branding on social media.

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