Should you post personal images on social media platforms?

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So should you post personal images on these platforms?  This question has become highly topical and very debatable.

There are rules associated with posting images online and as a business owner or a professional it makes sense to carefully consider what type of images you should post on social media, especially when it comes to personal images.

Social media is expanding at an exponential rate and almost every organisation, company and small business are finding their way onto social media platforms.  All entities that make their presence on social media need to have a solid understanding of how to market and grow their brands on social media platforms.  This understanding includes a definite need to approach social media marketing with the utmost professionalism which begs the question – should you post personal images on social media platforms?

Deciding on whether to post personal images on social media is a challenging decision as many businesses want to connect on a personal level with their social media audience.  However, where are you supposed to draw the line when it comes to posting personal images?

Completing a social media course will definitely go a long way to helping you fully understand the intricacies of social media, especially social media etiquette.

Are you sure about the type of images you should post on social media?

Whether you’re an experienced social media guru or just starting out on the busy platforms, you’ll need to market on different social media platforms, weave your message and build your brand through social media advertising.

Do social media platforms own my personal images?

They’re your images, right?  Yes – but do social media platforms own your personal images?  This question is quite a serious one and should be taken into consideration before posting personal images on a social media platform.

The ability to instantly share images, whether personal or branded, has made our lives interesting and fun, but there is a much more complicated side to simply sharing personal images on social media sites.

When registering on social media platforms, it’s a well-known fact that any image posted does not remain confidential and therefore the user does not hold any copyright to an image.   However, users are able to control who ‘views’ their profile or images but must keep in mind that once an image has been posted on social media it’s basically out of your hands.

So, should you post personal images on social media platforms?

Before you post any image on social media it’s important to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you prepared for the image to go viral or to be used in a meme or any other form of content?
  2. Is there a need to ‘watermark’ the image you are uploading?
  3. Images should be posted with the knowledge that it could be stolen, reused, reshared or downloaded.

Remember, that as a brand most of your followers aren’t really interested in your personal images and such images are most definitely better left out. It’s key to also keep in mind which type of images are suitable for the relevant social media platforms even when not posting anything of a personal nature as each platform is different.

For example, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have an entirely different approach and style when it comes to image posting.  Keep in mind when posting any type of image that every social media platform has its own type of audience.

Keep the goal of posting images in mind

Although you may be tempted to post a personal image on a social media site, keep in mind why you’re posting and what your end goals are.  Most brand followers are only keen to follow what’s happening with your brand, products or service.  So, keep your images related to your business at all times.

It’s also important to remember that you should not share any of your customer’s images, or information, without their prior consent.  Although social media sites are a place where images are shared, it’s accepted social media etiquette not to share any information or images without authorisation.

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