How to Improve Your Social Media Workflow For Your Business

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Crafting a social media approval process isn’t as easy as it sounds, mainly because it addresses so much more than just that.

Keep in mind that social media marketing is essential for a building a presence for your business and essentially, driving sales.

We’ve written an article to address just that — this one to be precise.

Below are four of the best tips for developing any SME’s social media strategy, and its ROI.

Tips for developing any SME’s social media strategy

1# Creating a Social Media Approval Process

This tip is listed first, because it’s by far the most important.

Content approval is a big part of social media marketing because the last thing you want is to put messages and content out to the world that’s not in line with your brand voice or persona.

Another main reason to ensure you commit to an approval process is to eliminate the odds of grammar and spelling errors on your posts and ads.

Occasionally mistakes might happen, however, an approval process can go a long way in ensuring your brand is seen as professional.

This should be a primary rule for most small businesses: all and any content that speaks of the company needs to be approved, regardless of whether or not you’re head of a department.

Tools to consider:


Agorapulse is one of the best tools for not only scheduling content, but more so ensuring that the right content get’s published.

With this tool, your posts won’t be scheduled until it passes through the approval process.

  • It allows you to submit a scheduled or queued post for approval.
  • On the scheduling screen, click Send for Approval instead of clicking on the Schedule button.

Tip of the Day: Send yourself all unfinished posts. The colour-coding on the calendar will indicate should you still need to tweak a few things before publishing.



2# Don’t Post But Rather Schedule Social Media Posts

No doubt, we all love social media.

However, time on such platforms is always the most precious resource of all time.

Ideally, you want to work smarter, not harder, with that said, logging onto social media every day to post a piece of content can be quite time consuming.

This is the main reason why we suggest that you rather schedule posts, instead of posting them on the day it’s scheduled to go live.

This in turn saves time

When picking a tool of your choice, ensure that it has a fully established workflow, and in addition to that, it should handle team involvement, content creation, the approval process, as well as reporting.

3# Create Regular Social Media Reports

This assists in Analysing and Adjusting Your Strategic Execution.

It gives light to vital content metrics, such as which posts stretched out to or exceeded your targeted results. In this way, you can priorities and align your efforts.

The analogy is simple; small businesses also require monthly reports.

Find a tool that allows you to keep an eye on your active and non-active users, including their trends.

4# Share Social and Brand Assets with Your Team in One Place

How to keep track of it all?

Multiple free or paid tools can handle some or all parts of your social media workflow.

There’s: Sprout SocialSmarterQueue, Airtable and CoSchedule.

Airtable permits the collection of general information such as frequently used links, company events, keywords, research, holidays, team member information, documents, and links.

Plus you can store assets like documents or images all in one useful and interlinkable place.


Having a streamlined process for your social media marketing workflow will make teamwork efficient, all while saving you from broadcasting content that shouldn’t be public knowledge or is against company policy.

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