How To Utilise Social Media For Lead Generation

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Today, almost 55% of Internet users are on social media. They make use of it on a daily basis and provide massive amounts of data to the various platforms. This data is incredibly valuable for social media lead generation as the marketers are able to use it in order to target their audience directly.

Social media lead generation is a vital part of every marketer’s strategy — whether they know it or not.

For marketers who are ready to move away from brand awareness and engagement, social media lead generation is a great next step. Gathering leads on social media will assist you with finding people who are interested in your company. More significantly, these leads will assist you with keeping in touch with prospective customers—whether it’s to make a special offer or share news.

What Is A Lead?

A ‘lead’ is to any information which you are able to use in order to identify a person who is interested in your products or – alternatively – service. This could be anything from:

  • Name and email address, to
  • Occupation and employer details.

This means that social media lead generation is the process of collecting new leads utilising social media.

Generating leads on social media may benefit both B2C and B2B marketers as it assists you with identifying the social media audiences who are interested in your business. This gives you the required leverage to target them with relevant content and offers, and then to convert them into paying customers.

In other words, lead generation assists you to establish your business as an invaluable resource to potential customers. And social media amplifies your lead generation efforts by helping you raise brand awareness, drive website traffic and improve community engagement.

You Need To Nurture A Social Media Lead

A lead which is gathered through any medium is often cold. You need to make it warm prior to you being able to market to it. Thus, most marketers develop social media leads by taking them through a funnel.

The social media channels also permit nurturing leads by clever remarketing strategies. Marketers are able to collect leads and then remarket them in order to turn them warm. They are able to use polls, videos, forms right on the platform to send personalised messages. This assists with nurturing leads in a better way.

What Is The Top Social Media Platform For Generating Leads?

The top platform for generating leads is the platform which your customers use. This being said, most are in agreement that Facebook is the best site for social media lead generation.


For starters:

  • More than 2.45 billion people make use of Facebook every month which makes it the social media platform that has the largest population.
  • Facebook also offers some of the most accurate tools to collect leads on its platform.

This doesn’t mean that marketers should feel forced to use Facebook or rule out other social media platforms. For instance, according to LinkedIn, 89% of B2B marketers go to LinkedIn for lead generation. These marketers say LinkedIn generates more than twice as many leads than other social channels.

So, before starting a social media lead generation campaign, make sure that you are very familiar with the demographics of the various platforms. If they fall into line with your target market, then it’s probably a good fit.

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