How To Maximise Your Social Media Marketing Approach

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With the wider shift towards eCommerce over the past year, and the expanded use of social media as a means of connection, on a number of different fronts, as you’ve no doubt heard repeated over and over again, it’s now extremely important for all businesses to have a social media presence to maximise their online presence as well as boost brand awareness. Thus, sales as a result.

However it’s one thing to say, ‘go build a social media presence’ and another thing altogether to do it. That’s even more so the case in the current environment as the competition for attention online is increasingly fierce. It can be difficult to get your brand presence to stand out and to establish any sort of following in social apps.

It can be disheartening to put time as well as effort into your social profiles to only gain a few followers each week, and it can feel like there’s no point. As it’s not just creating a Page and posting a few pictures that goes into building a social media presence, there’s research required, planning, and you need to have some direction in that effort.

Establish Goals Which Make Sense For Your Business

Let’s start things off with a quick question:

“What do you want from social media, anyhow?

Social media strategy planning begins with your goals. Maybe you want to build a community or a more loyal following. Perhaps you want your social accounts to drive more revenue this year. Either way, your goals will identify your content strategy as well as how much time and energy you’ll be required to dedicate to your campaigns.

Learn About Your Target Audience

Now that you have your social media marketing goals in mind, take a look at your audience. Without the support of your audience, your strategy will be in vain. Drawing your social media marketing approach around your audience is a must. Your target audience will help you figure out everything, right from the social media platforms you need to be on to every ounce of content you’ll ever create.

Target Your Content

The numbers and analytics are clearly important parts of the planning stage of your social media marketing strategy. Once you know who you’re targeting – as well as what you want them to do – you will need to devise a content strategy which matches that.

If you struggle with putting visuals together, particularly when you require daily content, you could want to make it less challenging through keeping to a theme or series of themes. Those themes could focus on colour schemes or certain post types; however the rotating nature of themed posts need to keep your content scope from becoming out of control.

Whether it’s Instagram – or any other social platform – your content may take more than one approach. You are able to convert quite a number of leads with infographics, well-written copy, interactive content, blog posts or expertly shot video. Individuals tend to like content which appeals to emotions, features information in lists or contains a number of images in addition to videos.

Social posts that can be digested quite quickly while still communicating vital information regarding your brand are going to be a win – basically always. Get to know your audience and this part should actually be fun.

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