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Struggling to get a social media marketing plan off of the ground? With so many platforms to choose from, each attracting specific sectors of society, it has become much more challenging to decide on which social media accounts to use, to develop engagement-worthy content, and to keep up with the rapidly-evolving times. So, if you’re wondering how to get going with an effective social media marketing campaign for your business, you’re reading the right blog article. Below are five replicable steps to take when marketing on social media:

Marketing on social media

1. Set Realistic Goals

Posting content for the sake of posting content isn’t a wise social media marketing approach. Each post should form part of a campaign, which should have clear objectives to achieve whether that be growing the business page’s following by X amount, or getting X number of people to the new business website, etc.


2. Build Audience Personas

Once you know what you want to achieve (let’s say your social media campaign is to get 50 people to enquire about your biltong) the next step is to determine who you’re going to be speaking to online. Who is most likely to purchase your biltong? Which social media platforms might they use? What might they like and engage with on social media?


3. Assess Your Competition

In the post-modern world, we live in, everything is a copy of something else – with enough change to sell it as the original. Don’t mimic your competitors, but seeing how their target audiences (who are likely your target audiences) react to your competition’s social media content might just help you in your quest for the content which will resonate with your existing as well as potential customers.

4. Create Unique Content

Once you’ve found the styles and tones you want to use for your brand’s social media campaigns, next will be to craft the content that’s going to be shared (and hopefully re-shared). Brands should invest in quality content first and foremost, because if the content doesn’t resonate with the audience – none of the other funnel steps matter.


5. Measure And Improve

The social media marketing campaigns you run are treasure troves of useful information and offer insights into what the marketing team did well (and not so well). These insights can be used to improve future campaigns, where social media marketers can tailor messages for maximum engagement based on the engagement of previous posts.

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