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Do you have any kind of strategy driving your social media activities? Posting original content once in a while, and sharing the odd third-party link, do not a social media presence make. Today’s society operates largely through social media, and brands/people that aren’t on social media often come across as suspect. The sad part is, even if you post semi-regularly, there’s no guarantee that people will come across your content. The keys to increasing your presence on social media are consistency and authenticity. We’ll take you through these, and a few other tips, below:

Increase your presence on social media

Aim for 100% completion

When did you set up your social media accounts? We’re talking about your personal account, as well as your business page. There are many optional fields to fill in or leave blank when setting up social media accounts and pages, but to get the most out of your social media efforts, you’ll want to get to 100% completion for both. The more information you give your followers, the more they will know about you and your brand – which will build better trust in the mutually-beneficial relationships you’re building.


Create a content calendar

Posting content as and when the mood strikes? The most successful social media campaigns are carefully thought-out, down to the smallest of details. Print out a blank calendar for next month, and make a note of all the significant days (public holidays, international observances, etc.) by highlighting those days. Can you associate your brand and offerings to the days of significance in some way? Decide on exactly when you’ll be posting your content, as well as the specific time the content will go live.

Aim for relationships

Forget about trying to get the most followers possible for your social media accounts and pages. Seriously, nobody cares about the brands that have over 100,000 followers on Twitter or Facebook. People care about what a brand is going to do for THEM as individuals. Instead of trying to fill your follower pool to capacity, focus on building meaningful relationships with each of your followers. It’s better to have 50 followers who love you and use your services than to have 100,000 followers who don’t interact at all.


More helping, less selling

Think about how you are coming across on social media. Are you like those door-to-door salesmen, pushing their products and services on people who really don’t feel like making small talk? Are you shoving your services down your followers’ throats as soon as they like your page or accept your connection request? Don’t sell on social media; help people. Even if they help you’re offering has to do with your service or product, approach it from a place of empathy and wanting to help – instead of merely wanting to sell things and take people’s money.

Social media is a wicked beast to tame but has the potential to be a serious contributor to any brand’s lead flow.

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