How should you create a social media marketing campaign?

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Deciding to participate in social media marketing could just be the best business decision any business owner makes in 2021. Individuals are spending increasing periods of time on social media than ever before in history, and businesses across the planet are taking advantage of all the eyes that are glued to laptop, tablet and smartphone screens. The question isn’t if social media marketing is a good idea. The question is how to create a social media marketing campaign that will really make an impact on the audience and convince them to partner with your brand. Here’s how to get your successful marketing campaign on the roll for 2021:

Establish your goals

The first phase to establishing a successful social media campaign is to cast in stone what the campaign’s purpose and outcomes are. Why are you running social media marketing? Is there a higher purpose to it than merely to “increase sales”? The best social media campaigns have clearly-defined goals and objectives to achieve, and all efforts being made by team members working on the campaign should contribute to the attainment of these.

Create your personas

Once you know the WHY behind your social media marketing efforts, you need to establish the WHO. In other words, who are the people most likely to engage with you and your products on social media? Your target audience, once established to a relative degree of detail, will help you to decide things like which social media platforms to make use of, the types of content to create, the tone of voice on your posts, etc. Instead of casting a wide net, personas help you to drill down and personalise your social media marketing.

Select your channels

Social media has been around for almost two decades, and today over half of the world’s population has a social media account. The problem with so many people being on so many platforms is that it becomes difficult to select which ones to use for your marketing campaigns. Marketing on every single social channel will cost a ridiculous amount of money, so start with one or two channels at first (Facebook is a good point of departure for any business) and see how you go.

Build your schedule

You’ve established WHY you’re marketing; you’ve established WHO you’re talking to; you’ve established WHERE you’ll be posting your social media marketing content. Next, you need to answer the WHEN question. In other words, when are you going to be posting your content to social media? On which days and at which times? How many days a week? How many times a day? A fine balance must be achieved between posting too little (e.g., less than once a week) and posting too often (e.g., more than once a day).

Create your content

This final phase of creating a social media campaign involves answering the WHAT question. This involves looking at what specific pieces of content you’ll be sharing to your social media pages. These can include still images, audio files, videos, links to third-party content, links to the business website, etc. Most social media marketers suggest investing in video content moving into the new decade, which has rendered TikTok a great social media marketing platform to tap into in 2021.

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