How Can You Develop Your Personal Branding on Social Media?

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If you’re committed to advancing your career, it’s important to build your own personal branding story. One of the greatest ways that you can accomplish this is by making use of social media.

Sharing content over the Internet allows you the opportunity to craft an online persona which reflects your personal morals as well as your professional skills. Even if you only make use of social media occasionally, the content which you create, share or react to contributes to this public narrative. How you behave yourself online is now just as important as your behaviour offline.

Creating your personal brand on social media will take some work however it could land you your next job opportunity or assist you with fostering valuable connections.

Be Mindful Of Your Social Media Accounts

Make a decision about which social media account(s) you are going to concentrate on and delete any old accounts which you are no longer using. For the social media networks that you will be using, make sure that all of your information is complete as well as accurate. This will assist you to build traffic to the networks that you want to showcase your work on. It can also remove any possible “questionable” content from years gone by which doesn’t have a positive effect on your professional image.

Use Your Unique Personal Branding Value Proposition To Guide Your Content

Post content that supports your unique value proposition (UVP). For example, if you’re a cybersecurity professional who specialises in malware protection, then that should be your focus.

Nail down your digital elevator pitch in order to make a great first impression when you connect with people on LinkedIn or at networking events. Spend approximately 10 minutes crafting your value proposition with a three-line review of your background:

  • How can you assist the company?
  • How you assist their customers?
  • How you assist your new team?
  • How you assist this new contact?

This performance has to be a quick story of you and your personal brand. If you can articulate your value proposition in an elevator pitch, you will be able to create a compelling LinkedIn and Twitter profile. Practise, practise, practise to be sure it’s succinct and compelling!

Study What Thought Leaders In Your Field Of Expertise Are Saying

Thought leaders obtain a lot of engagement on social media. As they typically have teams of people who help them to cope with their online presence, it is possible for you to learn a lot from simply following them. Study things like:

  • What types of images, stories or comments do they post?
  • How frequently do they post them?
  • How do they interact with others?

This will help you to develop an engaging, strong strategy for your own personal brand.

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