How can social media help your website conversions?

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Social media consumers possess more purchasing power than they ever did before. According to social media statistics which were released recently, Instagram and Facebook have developed into two of the top channels for people who are looking to research as well as buy products online. Buyers have become familiar with the concept of social selling.

Although this is good news, you need to stop thinking about social media as a straight-line sales or lead generation medium. If you’re attempting to sell directly to clients on social media, you’re not getting it. ‘Social’ translates into ‘human interaction’. Without that interaction, your social media marketing will fail.

Ditch the vanity metrics

Stop thinking of social media as a popularity contest. If you see your social campaigns as a failure as you have less ‘likes’, ‘followers’ or ‘connections’ than you had initially hoped, then you were doomed from the start. The idea behind social media marketing is the same as that behind all digital marketing: to promote sales and/or generate leads. As you realise from your site, traffic (likes, followers as well as connections on social media) is only a tiny part of the equation. Conversion is another, just as essential part.

Many companies make use of social in order drive lots of sales and/or attain lots of leads. One of the most significant plus factors of the Internet is that it is a massive open book. If there is a massive sales success story on the web, it is possible for you to find it, study it as well as learn from it. After this, you can adapt those lessons to your company, test them as well as see what works.

Improve your sign-ups by using social logins

Social logins permit users to sign up for – and log into your website, app, list or service – by using their social accounts as opposed to having to create a new account just for your website. For most sites, implementing social logins have several benefits:

  • The simple, one-click sign-up, using an existing account is attractive to users because it is effortless. In addition, website owners who implement this report a pretty good conversion rate. As most users keep themselves logged into their social accounts (or at least have their social password committed to memory), there’s no chance of password fatigue.
  • The foundation of getting visitors to sign up with their social login information is a clean user experience. How you offer a social login option can make sign-up as well as sign-in processes more attractive to visitors.

Reduce instances of abandoned shopping carts with social checkout

Offering a social checkout choice lowers shopping cart abandonment. When you permit customers to check out by making use of their social profile, you’re simplifying the process. Making eCommerce interactions is essential in order to ensure that the sale is concluded.

Promote Social Proof

Social proof is the digital marketing tactic for satisfying the minds of anxious customers. This type of evidence comes in many forms such as:

  • Reviews,
  • Social status updates,
  • Side conversations, and
  • Word-of-mouth digital marketing.

Social media is a fundamental player in conveying social proof. Individuals tend to trust reviews as well as recommendations which come through social media as these are seen as unbiased as well as genuine. Satisfied customers are your safest bet for word-of-mouth marketing. There’s no better time to control the social-sharing potential of these customers than right after they buy something from you.

If you can get it right that your customers share the fact that they’ve purchased with you, with their social networks, you’ll enhance trust with an extended audience (your buyers’ friends and families). This improves the conversion rate of your product or service on your website.

Following our mantra of making sure that things are kept simple for the user, the good idea is to pre-fill a social-sharing option. Customers don’t have to take any complicated action. They just have to click a button to let their friends know about what they’ve bought.

Everyone knows that social networks are formidable digital marketing channels. However, a lot fewer people have realised that they have a direct impact on optimising conversion rates. Be a guide for your customers towards them interacting more socially as well as sharing with subtle and deliberate design choices. Add in the option to share their purchases. Both of those tactics offer social proof, which is the most potent element of conversion optimisation.

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