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Organisation is one of the fundamentals to success in social media marketing. Thus, if you are not handling your social platforms or – if you’re an agency, managing your clients’ social media accounts – using a social media management tool, this needs to change immediately.

Not only will making use of a social media management tool make your life substantially less complicated, approval for a tool such as this doesn’t need to go through many rounds of budgeting rubber stamping. This is because there are many robust free tools which are out there to assist you with accomplishing all of your social marketing goals.

Social management platforms will assist you with managing a number of social profiles in one place. This platform will also allow you to schedule posts in advance, run contests, follow analytics across platforms and this is just the tip of the iceberg. These tools really are game-changers for your social strategy!

Here are a couple of examples of social media management tools which are absolutely free.


Hootsuite was the precursor to all social media management platforms.Their free plan includes the ability to:

  • Manage three social profiles all from one platform,
  • Schedule 30 posts ahead of time, and
  • Generate leads with contests on social media.

The free plan also incorporates fundamental analytics for tracking followers in addition to various growth as well as content statistics. The basic account also includes two RSS feed integrations.


The next most-popular tool is Buffer. In the same vein as Hootsuite, Buffer has been involved in the social media management space for a long time. It is a respectable platform which permits you to manage multiple social profiles easily.

With many overlapping features with Hootsuite, some of our favourite Buffer features include the ability to schedule content easily while browsing the web while using their Chrome extensions. Buffer also suggests the best moments to post based on the activity of your followers.


If Twitter is the lifeblood of your social media marketing strategy, then TweetDeck is probably the best social management platform for you to use.

TweetDeck will permit you to make use of custom timelines, create as well as manage Twitter lists and searches, and in addition add team accounts. This platform is also free for users of Twitter.

While TweetDeck may not be the comprehensive platform that you’re searching for, it is the perfect tool for social media marketers who are tasked with managing multiple Twitter accounts where these live conversations are critical for business success.


As we’ve said in previous articles, the more visual your posts are the more likely it is that your audiences will find them engaging. Canva is a phenomenal tool to help you to create bespoke graphics that will make your social media presence pop.

What you can accomplish with Canva:

  • Design presentations,
  • Put together social media graphics, in addition to
  • A heap of other things with the thousands of beautiful layouts that are available on the platform.

Canva has everything you need in order to create eye-catching designs as there are millions of stock photographs, vectors in addition to illustrations. The tool also permits you to upload your own visuals.

In addition, Canva has preset filters as well as advanced photo editing tools to allow you to modify pictures. It gives you the option of using icons, shapes as well as thousands of other exciting and interesting elements. There are hundreds of fonts available which are perfect for every design.

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