Are you Equipped to be a Social Media Manager?

DSM Social Media Manager

The social media manager is like the captain of a ship. He or she steers the ship, with all the vessel’s tools at hand, safely into the harbour. He or she is imbued with the ethos of social media and it is through them and by them alone that the destination of the brand achieves its target – the pinnacle of success.

Such an achievement, though, is only possible with extensive knowledge gained through a social media course or digital marketing certification that is worth its weight in gold. This means that not just any old course will do. Many offer, but few really deliver. A social media manager is a sussed person and will have had an inherent sixth sense of where to go.

You live, breathe and eat social media

The mere fact that you’re reading this is means that social media is something inherent to your being, your existence. Social media is your world and to be a social media manager is what you want more than anything else. It means that you’re on top of your game. and you’re on top of your world. You are led by this sense of where to find the best opportunities in social media, and, naturally, once you’ve found it you are overjoyed.

You filter, you measure, your guide. Information is king. Copy is king. However, it’s easy to go on an unintended detour with data. There is such a minefield of information that is battering the shoreline, it’s easy to get distracted and lose your way.

The life of a social media manager means that person will react dynamically to input, like market demand and the connection with other brands. Knowing intimately the correlation between video, images and copy mean that content becomes king. You are the chosen and most reliable person who is most able to get the pieces to all fit together.

Conduct the social media orchestra

Consider this: you are like the conductor of an orchestra. The instruments are the social media channels that feed into your domain. You conduct this orchestra like a maestro, bringing everything together to bring about the most harmonious result – your achievement through all the social media channels.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, E-mail, Blogs, Vlogging – these are just some of the myriad of social media avenues that form the mightiest communication arsenal ever known to man.  The social media manager will orchestrate digital marketing strategies and campaigns. The person will have goals that must be met and information that must always be at hand. A tool such as Google Analytics will be guide you to the viability of your vision. The key to managing this vision is the knowledge of your target audience. This will direct the social media manager in what vessels to use, the tone of the campaign and the places where to get that information in.

DSM Social Media Manager

Google ranking makes you royalty

Naturally, the knowledge of website management is a no-brainer as is the desire which is paramount among all in this space, Google Ranking. Where you rank on a search is so vital it’s almost akin to not forgetting to take life-saving medication. The social media manager knows this. The person eats, sleeps and dreams it. If that person doesn’t then use the adage: “when in doubt, chuck it out”.

Aside from technology, the personality of the person is also vital. The social media business is fraught with intensity. It’s hectic, and you must keep your wits about you, and hopefully a sense of humour as well, to stay on top. The social media and digital marketing course will soon pinpoint your prowess, make no mistake.

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