Don’t just Pay for Social Media Marketing, Measure its Results

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All business activities need to be measured, and social media marketing is no exception. For the business, the outcome of this type of marketing is mainly to impact ROI and to widen brand footprint.

Nonetheless, we know that measuring the success of social media marketing can be quite a challenge. However, it’s not impossible, and this must be one of the most exciting aspects of digital and social media marketing.

Figuring out which analytic metrics are the most important and how to apply them has been the main challenge to date. Don’t allow yourself to have the same problem. This this article we show you three analytic tools to help you monitor the effectiveness of social media marketing efforts.

Monitoring Social Media Marketing Results

  • Know Who’s Watching You & Understand How They Engage

Sprout Social will enable you to find out more about your consumers and their reaction to your digital marketing efforts. Analytics is only a part of what it’s capable of: it can also be used for tracking and scheduling.

This tool analyses the activity on all your social media accounts and it then measures the level of engagement from your target audience. Sprout Social automatically calculates engagement. It reveals how your ads perform by comparing them to those of your competitors. Remember that how your ads perform means nothing in isolation: you’ve got to benchmark yourself against the industry.

There are many tools to explore within Sprout Social. You can:

  • Add Twitter keyword/Instagram hashtags,
  • Specify a location, and
  • Add negative keywords.

When you do this you’ll receive more mentions and/or see a feed of your brand’s tagged mentions.  One more thing: you can generate General Sprout Social Reports to access the rest of your social media analytics.

Analyse your target audience with Sprout Social and discover more of its great functions, such as the Smart Search or view your Suggestions. This gives you and insight into your followers, people you’ve chatted with, or people who’ve mentioned your brand.

Put the power back in your hands and watch the watchers. See silent accounts, accounts with irregular usage, and those of people who don’t follow you back by using the Cleanup function.

  • Monitor The Performance of Your Social Media Profile

Sotrender lets you include or exclude tips, an explanation of metrics, the Sotrender logo, your logo, and the author’s info. The tool also uses your competitors to gauge your success on social media. We are convinced that it is another great social media analytics tool and, amongst other things, it provides tips which are based on the analysis it performs.

  • Evaluation & Action

Evaluate feedback and sentiment, then align your social media marketing efforts to the provided feedback, so as to steer your ship the right way. Remember that the beauty about social media marketing – and digital marketing in general – is its ability to provide almost instantaneous feedback about how your campaign is faring. This is something that you are not able to get with offline marketing. So make sure that you use all the insights that are generated to improve your marketing efforts!

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Social media marketing should be balanced with tools that perform deep-level analytics. It will obviously require experimenting with several analytics tools to find the best suited for your needs because ultimately it is only with the use of the right tools can you compare metrics and get an idea of whether you’re marketing efforts are paying off. The Digital School of Marketing’s Social Media Marketing Course will give you an added insight into the world of social media marketing and will allow you to harness this tool for your business. For more information, follow this link.

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