What are the Daily Tasks of a Social Media Manager?

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If you think that the social media manager spends all day just reading Tweets and blogs while sipping coffee, think again. This person is responsible for the daily implementation of social media marketing strategy for the company. As part of the company-wide digital marketing strategy, the social media manager is on the pulse of trends and keeps a keen eye on what’s happening with competitors’ campaigns.

Duties of a Social Media Manager

Develop the social media marketing strategy

The primary task of the social media manager is to develop the social media marketing strategy. Although they won’t be doing this on a daily basis all the day-to-day activities that they perform will be in keeping with the roadmap which was developed.

Identify which social media platforms to be on

Again not a daily task, but still crucial, the social media manager will be responsible for identifying the social media platforms that the company needs to have a presence on. In addition to this, they will also strategically analyse what type of presence they will have. For example:

  • Will the company’s brand message be better communicated through a Facebook Page or Group?
  • Are they going to rely solely on organic posts or is there going to be a budget set aside for advertising?
  • If so, what types of ads will be flighted. (Facebook has many advertising options depending on the goals that the company has. Discover)

Hire professionals

It is the social media manager’s job to get the content onto social media. It obviously takes a lot of money to hire professional videographers to shoot your YouTube videos which is something that smaller companies may not be able to do. However, don’t think that just because a cell phone can take a great video you can shoot it yourself and put it up. There are other aspects to think about such as angles, lighting and sound quality which are things that professionals are trained in.

Our advice when looking at hiring professionals – be these graphic designers for your Instagram posts, videographers for your YouTube videos or copywriters for your text-based content – look at how much you can afford to spend. Then, look at the goals you have for your social media presence and then make a purchase depending on what you feel will bring in the most revenue for you.

The buck stops with you

As the social media manager for your company, the company’s brand and image on the platforms is your baby. If something goes wrong it’s your job to fix it.

A lot of people use social media to complain about brands. This is particularly true of Twitter. If someone does indeed post a negative comment on your Twitter feed, you need to be very quick to respond to it and offer a solution. If you don’t, and others see that you are effectively ignoring a dissatisfied customer, they will most probably turn away from you and seek out your competitors. To avoid this happening, you need to keep a close eye on all messages people send you. If you don’t have the time, allocate this responsibility to someone in your team.

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