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Gone are the days when traditional public relations methods were used as a strategy of success. PR was used to ensure a business had a seat at the communication table with the right connections, usually accompanied by a high price. Nowadays, the progressions of a digitised world has made corporate PR more accessible, without needing a big budget most small businesses aren’t able to financially keep up with. Here’s an explanation of the new public relations, and how it fits in with internet usage and search engine optimisation.

1. Let’s get Digital, PR Style.

What are digital public relations, and how can businesses utilise it to gain more traction on the search engines like Google and Bing? Digital public relations is a title given to strategies, such as social media marketing which in turn helps your target market familiarise themselves with your brand’s reputation. Making use of online press releases for special announcements is also great, and tapping into influencer marketing. This is where using the services of individuals with notable followings within their industry promote your business to their audience at a cost much more reasonable than what you would have paid for traditional media such as TV or radio advertising.

2. SEO for the CEO

SEO, formally known as Search Engine Optimisation, is one of the biggest tools needed in the business world in order to leave an everlasting digital footprint. Think of SEO as a toolbox. In this box contains the necessary tools you need to acquire free organic traffic over time without you having to pay a fortune. This is the kind of tool that is used to drive your targeted audience to your website and social media platforms, by using PR strategies such as influencers to help you in the meanwhile. Public relations involves keeping an ear to the ground in terms of what people are saying about you – and choosing the appropriate response. By monitoring tools like Google Trends and other search engine listening tools, you can get a picture of what internet users are searching for and at what times. Then, you’re able to push out blog articles or other online content, optimised with the trending keywords, and gain organic website traffic.

3. Make your business Known

Press releases are a great way to show your audience that you care about your reputation and, most importantly, you care about what they think of your brand. The more you treat your audience like they are the epitome of what your business is all about, the more your brand ranks higher in search engines. It makes sense; if you garner good relationships with audiences, and you’re using other marketing channels to draw attention to your brand, they’re going to be talking about you. And where do they do that? Online. This is not to mention the valuable backlinks you can gain if other websites start linking to your interesting online content

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