What Is The Important Role SEO Should Play When Developing Your Marketing Strategy?

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As any good marketer knows that a strong marketing plan relies on the following tried-and-tested elements:

  • Market research,
  • Segmentation/targeting/positioning,
  • Objectives, as well as
  • The 4Ps and tactical planning

A successful marketing strategy is founded on a thorough understanding of your market, audience, competitors as well as brand. Only then will you be in an extremely strong position in order to develop an effective marketing communications strategy.

SEO analysis can offer crucial value in the earliest stages of market research as well as strategy planning for brands. Research into competitors and customers is an SEO’s bread and butter, all through daily use and familiarity with tools such as Google Search Console as well as Google Trends in addition to and SEO tools such as SEMrush and Similarweb.

Start With SEO From Day One

SEO isn’t something that we should only start considering later down the line, when all of the research and planning is done to drive organic traffic and leads/sales via a website.

When you’re looking for a resolution to your problem, where do you turn? Search engines, naturally. It’s estimated that Google processes around 63 000 search queries every second. This translates into 5.6 billion searches per day as well as approximately 2 trillion global searches per year.

This means that all these search terms, phrases, questions as well as problems that are posed by your customers every single day to Google offer a treasure trove of useful information to help with informing your initial market research, strategy and tactics. That’s if you know where to look and how to utilise the data effectively.

Enhanced Branding

Being at the very top of the search engines is seen as a seal of approval. Many individuals assume that high search rankings are an endorsement of a specific brand. If Google, with all its algorithms which check the legitimacy and popularity of your website, has put you right at the top of its natural search results then you should be the best? Right?

Clearly that isn’t necessarily always the case however it is the general perception and, as such, marketers can utilise this fact in order to help with boosting their brand’s perception. Working towards boosting the search engine rankings for your brand, using both onsite as well as offsite tactics, can reap rewards in the long run.

Increases Website Traffic

By being on the first page of Google and major search engines for a number of different keywords, you expose your website to many prospective visitors. Some of the individuals who would never have come across you or heard of you if you hadn’t been listed here. People search for information, products as well as services utilising a wide variety of search queries on Google in addition to other search engines and making sure that your pages are there in the search engine results for your target keywords will bring through targeted organic traffic to your website.

The work of the SEO specialist is to do keyword research for your brand to identify what search queries individuals actually use. So, for arguments sake, if someone is searching for a mouse on Google they may enter in “ergonomic mouse”, “left handed mouse” or “mouse for rsi”. Having a good understanding of what people are searching for gives you the opportunity to optimise your website for many keywords spreading the net far and wide.

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