What Are The Top Skills That SEO Content Writers Need to Succeed?

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Being an SEO content writer comes with some fantastic perks. However, the job isn’t always an easy one. In addition, there are a few areas of expertise that you need to have mastered in order to be successful other. These are in addition to just being a great writer. So, here are seven essential skillsets that any good content writer needs to have and continue to hone over their career.

Every person in an SEO setting needs to bring some innate skill to the table. However, there is also expertise which is often learned best on the job. SEO content writers are well aware of this. If you would like to enter digital marketing as a content marketer, you might be surprised that strong writing skills are indeed necessary but not necessarily sufficient. There are a number of different core SEO concepts with which SEO content writers must be intimately familiar with if they intend to do their jobs well and also write content which ranks for their clients.

In the world of SEO, content is most certainly king. Whether you’re writing copy for web pages, blog posts or – alternatively – articles, content is a crucial element of SEO.  If you make a living penning words, or you would like to, you owe it to yourself — and your clients — to gain a reasonable level of SEO literacy.

The Ability To Master Various Writing Styles

When an SEO content writer joins an agency, chances are very good that this writer will be tasked with putting together content for all kinds of clients. Employees of digital marketing agencies know that this is true. The content itself is vastly different for each of the clients that they write for but what matters is the tone in which they write.

Tone is something which readers can’t exactly discern from the words themselves, but rather from the sound of the words when these are put together. A strong SEO content writer knows instinctively what kind of tone to use and also knows how to go about making use of that tone in a way that is engaging to readers.

Search Intent

The SEO content writers who you employ in your digital marketing agency don’t need to be SEO gurus to succeed in their roles. However, there is also a method to content writing which fits in perfectly with SEO as a whole. This is a good understanding of searcher intent.

If SEO content writers want to be engaging in their work, it is necessary for them to have more than just professional writing skills. In order to be engaging, SEO content writers need to generate the content that online users actually want to read as opposed to simply tossing subjects at the wall to see what sticks.

What Are The Various Types Of Search Intent?

There are four main types of search intent that SEO content writers need to keep in mind when they put copy together:

  1. Informational – when individuals want to know things.
  2. Navigational – when individuals want to visit a specific website or web page.
  3. Transactional – when individuals want to buy things.
  4. Commercial investigation – when individuals research products that they are interested in buying.

Writing for various search intents requires the content writer to apply different approaches. At the same time, each and every single piece of content must still be designed to lead readers toward buying the client’s products or services. Then, in each item, the SEO content writer can link to a product of the client.

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