The Best Multi-channel Sales Management Solution For Online Retailers

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Sales management: a job that sounds straight-forward, but is more involved than most can imagine.

With so many components involved in effective sales management, and the fact that more sales channels are being used today than ever before, finding a rock-solid sales management tool is going to be any new sales manager’s lifesaver.

So, what’s the deal with multi-channel sales, how does this complicate things for sales managers, and what are some multi-channel sales management tools available? You’re about to find out:

Multi-Channel Sales

Where do most of your brand’s sales come from? With the rise of online retail, companies are now starting to tap into multiple new channels to drive sales. Takealot, Loot, and Raru are only three online sales channels out of hundreds that are available to retailers, and with so many places where brands can advertise their wares – keeping track of everything becomes more than just a pain in the pancreas.

Sales managers should look into a listing management tool that allows them to focus on other sales management functions. In contrast, it looks after inventory details of your multi-channel listings in the background. The perfect multi-channel sales management solution for online retailers should:

  • Cover product descriptions and the specific requirements of each channel
  • Upload images in bulk instead of having to do so one by one
  • Enable the management of cross-channel business rules
  • Streamline workflows using tags and filters for rapid refinement
  • Support automated updates to the inventory.

Sales Management Solutions


With a simple user interface, Sellbrite comes in as an affordable, multi-channel solution that leverages automation to simplify listing, prevent overselling, and ensure that fulfilment is optimised. It’s a central tool that integrates multiple sales channels into one dashboard.


This tool offers inventory management and automation for Walmart, eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Jet, and a bunch of other sales channels. Geekseller offers sales managers benefits, including real-time inventory updates, order fulfilment, order management, and repricing.


Existing within the Shopify marketplace, InkFrog is eBay-focused but integrates with Amazon, BigCommerce, and Shopify. The biggest advantage of using this multi-channel management tool is that sellers can effortlessly move listings from Amazon to Shopify or eBay using templates.

With online sales booming, thanks to the COVID-19 lockdowns worldwide, the necessity for effective online sales management has become more essential than it ever has before.

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