What Skills You Need As A Modern Day Sales Person

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Working in sales often comes with a bad rep. in the movies, the stereotypical sales person is seen as either super pushy or completely uninterested. In reality, however sales people are among the hardest working people in the workforce.

Today the world of sales has fundamentally changed. Gone are the days of approaching a clueless customer and sweet-talking them into making a purchase. With information about literally everything readily available online, most customers already know exactly what they’re looking for when they enter a store. They’ve done their research and know their options.

With so many new dynamics to consider in the sales management profession, how do you stay relevant and be successful?

The good news is that although we live in an increasingly high tech world, people still seek out human interaction. As such, some rather old-school sales skills and techniques are just as in-demand as newer skills. Let’s take a look at exactly what it takes to make it as a sales person in 2020.

Skills Every Sales Person Needs Today

  • Expert Knowledge

Customers can often find themselves overwhelmed with information they’ve gathered from online sources. This is where the expertise of a sales person is essential. Customers will need the assistance of an intelligent advisor to help them sift through the plethora of information they’ve accumulated. Sales people who know everything about the products/services on offer are sure to be successful in closing a sale.

  • Confidence

The world of sales has never been for the faint-hearted. Sales reps need to have confidence in themselves and their product to make a lasting impression on their customers. This is especially important today, as more informed customers won’t be swayed by someone who seems uncertain about what they’re selling. Therefore, solid facts presented with the right amount of confidence are essential.

  • Teamwork

Sales is about more than just one-on-one interaction with a customer. Different sales teams often need to coordinate with the marketing department to share feedback about strategies. Sales teams need to work together to collaborate on best practices, share advice and offer unique insight into what’s best for the business.

  • Willingness To Research

Modern-day sales people need to understand the market, their product, and their prospective customers. To be truly good at the job sales persons need to have a genuine interest in developing this knowledge. In modern sales management, taking the time to research your target market and learn about what customers need, like and dislike has become crucial. Adequate research will allow you to perfect your sales pitch, create more meaningful interactions with prospective customers and help to close more sales deals.

  • Social Media Marketing

When we think about sales we often picture ourselves interacting with a real person who’s trying to sell us something. But in the age of technology, sales aren’t limited to the real world. It’s also a big part of the digital realm. Social media plays a huge role in sales and marketing. This means sales personnel need to have the skills to communicate with customers via social platforms. Social media skills are also needed to create content and create brand awareness in the digital space.

  • Storytelling Skills

Personal essays are one of the most popular forms of digital content. This is because people place great value on the shared experiences of their peers. Content with a personal touch also tends to do better than advertorials and promotional posts online. With that in mind, sales staff need to know how to control the narrative. As such, they need the skills to share relevant personal anecdotes, discuss any concerns customers may have and demonstrate the benefits of whatever they’re selling. These skills help to establish a real connection with customers.


Great sales people have always known the right way to connect with their customers. Although a few things may have changed, the need for this connection is still very relevant in the modern world of sales. If you want to be the best sales person you can be, sign up for a sales management course to learn just what it takes to be a successful sales person in the new decade and beyond.

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