How to Build a Social Selling Routine

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Social selling could seem like a trendy buzzword today, however it’s actually a vital and durable tool which all salespeople should add to their repertoires. The concept behind social selling is simple: you use the power and popularity of social media in order to connect with prospects through content as well as engagement.

That is to say, social selling is all about engagement. This means that it requires a different approach as opposed to traditional sales techniques. Nevertheless, successful social selling takes time, dedication as well as practice. This means that it can be daunting when you’re first getting started, especially if you don’t have a rock-solid strategy in place to work the practice into your day-to-day routine.

Effective social selling should place you as an authority on your topic, get you closer to your target market and push conversations with your prospects offline, where you are able convert them into clients.

How Can Social Selling Help To Grow Your Business?

To get an insight into how to do social selling, it is very important to know, how much profit does it provide to the businesses. Research says that, for every single dollar invested in any business, the ROI is $5 when the sales are done through social selling.

In addition to this, it is said that there are 45% of more opportunities available to the sales representatives through social media, as compared to the routine methods. Also, on annual basis, an achievement of 16% gain in revenue is seen for the companies who utilize social media for the purpose of the sale.

Extra benefits of social selling include a visible increase in the number of leads, more conversion rate, and short sales cycles.

Create and Curate: It All Begins with Great Content

Content still rules supreme in the world of digital marketing, and that’s because it has the power to engage. However, a content strategy isn’t just about finding any old blog and then sharing it widely across your various social networks.

There are many diverse types of content you can use to capture the attention of your audience, including blogs, articles, whitepapers, videos, photos, infographics, and much more. If you plan to go forward with your own content creation strategy, start by brainstorming ideas and topics which would be of relevance to your audience.

How To Find Prospects?

LinkedIn has a number of different great places where you are able to check for new potential prospects each day quickly and easily. Begin by going through your notifications. When individuals show up in your notifications, they will have interacted with you or your content in some way. This means that – to some degree – they already know who you are, which will make connecting with them much simpler.

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