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Customer service is an integral facet of any business. This aspect of your business is about how you address your customers’ issues, help them with your product as well as make sure they’re happy with their purchase. But beyond that, customer service can also assist you with reaching your other core business goals.

With the correct approach, customer service can play a vital role in your ability to build customer relationships in addition to growing your business. With a growth-focused state of mind, your team can be an central part of your strategy in terms of reaching your company’s acquisition as well as revenue goals.

Retaining the customers you’ve got is a lot more profitable as opposed to attempting to acquire new ones. The majority of customers visit your site or, alternatively, your brick-and-mortar location just one time. Think about this. All the digital marketing efforts as well as money which are spent on driving traffic to your company  results in the majority of customers only giving you a single shot. In addition it can cost you five times more to attract a new customer as opposed to retaining an existing one.

The perks of increasing customer retention

Upping customer retention rates by 5% causes profits to rise by 25% to 95%. With these numbers in mind, it makes sense to concentrate efforts as well as funds in order to nurture your existing customers who are spending their hard-earned money on your goods or services every single time that they visit your shop.

This is not to say that you must not take the leap and market to new clients, which is a must-do, of course. However, these statistics should be taken into account when budgeting how much you want to spend on acquiring new customers as opposed to taking care of your existing customer base.

In this article, we’ll have a look at some actionable tools which you can use to improve your service.

Pinpoint what keeps customers coming back to you

Determine what makes your best customers so loyal. If you succeed in replicating those offerings, it will be possible for you to grow your top customer lists in addition to increasing business.

In a survey taken recently, customers stated that quick shipping, easy as well as fast returns, expertise, knowledge and personalisation are among the top reasons to make repeat purchases from retailers.

Go that extra mile

In order to nurture your current clients, it’s essential to be a connector for them. We always strive to align our clients to suppliers, contacts or other great businesses strategically which can help them to achieve their goals. This puts a company in a power position by showing their resourcefulness, offering new opportunities in addition to potentially helping two or more businesses grow.

When you offer clients this quality of service, in addition to over-delivery, your chances of client retention increase significantly.

Don’t dismiss the power of the human touch

In the current digital world, nothing is a replacement for the human touch. As smartphones as well as laptops take over our day-to-day interactions, we want to speak to an actual person in real life or over the phone is turning out to be a novelty.

Connect with many of your customers in order to get to know them better as well as get their insights on your company’s service. Reach out whenever there is a customer service issue. In the age of artificial intelligence in addition to overseas customer service, people really enjoy a personal touch.

Many businesses concentrate heavily on aspects of the company such as marketing, finances and product development at the expense of customer service. This article shows that we need to prioritise this area of our organisations if we want to have any hope of succeeding.

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