Why Only Customer Experience Can Make A Brand Stand Out In The Crowd?

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A marketing study wanted to determine if customers would be willing to pay more for a better customer experience. The results revealed that an astounding 86% of consumers would pay up to 25% more, for the same products and services, if a competing brand offered better customer service and more of an experience. One thing is clear: customer experience optimisation is important for any business, anywhere. The trick is to find methods of standing out from the crowd, but don’t worry – you’d be surprised how many businesses don’t get the simplest of customer touchpoints right. This article offers a few ways in which you can make your brand stand out with stellar customer experiences:

The Competitive Advantage

Ask any business what their USP is and they’ll probably tell you it’s their service delivery. But just how good is it, really? If you don’t distinguish yourself from your competitors, how will you stand out? For many brands, customer experience is the way they shine in otherwise monotone industries. Here’s a scary fact: 60% of consumers will stop doing business with a brand after only one bad customer experience. So, offering a superior customer experience can help you retain your existing clients and procure clients from your competitors.

Proactive Customer Service

This modern approach to customer service is slow to catch on in the marketplace but is also a serious driver of brand differentiation. Instead of waiting for customers to report issues to brand representatives, they will proactively find any and all issues – bringing these to the customers’ attention before they even know that there’s a problem in the first place. A proactive approach to customer service also means that you are constantly working on improving your customer experience and streamlining it.

Garnering Customer Happiness

Did you know that a whopping 77% of consumers will share their positive brand experiences with others? When brands truly amaze their clients, with superb customer experiences throughout each interaction, they are happier and more likely to spread their joy to friends, family, and colleagues. When customers talk highly of brands, those who listen are more likely also to support the brand, which creates a chain reaction since they will then tell the people in their lives, and the referral generation continues.

Consumers of the digital era demand experiential retail encounters, and the brands that can facilitate them will reap the rewards of being the early birds that caught the trend.

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