Why Having A Digital Marketing Strategy Can Assist Retailers Boost Sales During A Crisis?

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Ever heard of e-commerce? We’re sure you have since it’s a singular term used to define the exchange of goods and services for payment via internet-based channels. Up until 2020, e-commerce was an expensive thing to establish; almost not worth the effort. However, with the entirety of the human race (almost) being shunned indoors indefinitely thanks to Covid-19, brick-and-mortar retailers have more than ample affordable options when it comes to establishing e-commerce presences, which open up the possibility for digital marketing and the establishment of another revenue stream for the business.

1. More Opportunities

Every crisis brings with it opportunities; you just need the right mentality to identify them. There’s a flood of digital commerce solutions flowing into the marketplace at the moment, and many businesses are becoming disheartened as they feel that they are being left even further behind. However, now is the best time in history to adopt a digital marketing strategy, as there are more affordable marketing opportunities now than ever before.


2. Greater Automation

One factor that comes into play when businesses explain why they don’t do digital marketing is time. “Who has the time to run the marketing 24/7, and who has the money to employ someone to do it” many business owners argue. The truth is that digital marketing is now an almost completely automated process – when setup cleverly. By utilising automation in the areas of post-development, copy development, and post scheduling – brands can establish digital marketing strategies that practically run themselves!

3. Social Commerce

One gigantic marketing opportunity that brands really shouldn’t miss in 2021 is the rise of social commerce. We’re not talking about Facebook’s Marketplace here. The pandemic has opened the door for talks between global financial institutions and social media platforms. Now brands can advertise and sell products or services directly on the social media app – without having to navigate to any third-party payment portals.


4. Constant Contact

Finally, the biggest benefit of having a digital brand presence during a crisis is that there need not be any breakdowns in communication whatsoever. Through digital marketing platforms like social media pages, business websites, and business instant messaging accounts, brands and consumers can interact and continue to do business from anywhere in the world that there’s an internet connection. This availability during a crisis could mean the difference between retaining past clients and losing them to more digitally-enabled competitors.

People are buying things online. You reading this, we’re sure you’ve bought something online in the past six months, right? E-commerce is growing exponentially across the planet, and the time is now for brands to leverage the power of digital marketing as well as online commerce.

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